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Track your progress

Audit forms

We strongly encourage students to self-track their progress on an audit form. The Audit form helps students to plan their terms. By adding each course to the form when they register and fill in the grade once the course is complete, students are able to see the number of courses they have left to complete their degree.




  • Accounting certificate (XLS | PDF)
  • BBA Level 1 certificate (XLS | PDF)
  • BBA Level 2 certificate (XLS | PDF)
  • E-commerce certificate (XLS | PDF)
  • Human Resource Management certificate (XLS | PDF)

Business minor

  • Business Minor for non-Business students (XLS | PDF)

Program flowcharts

The Program flow chart is another essential tool to plan and keep track of your program. The flow chart shows the pre-requisites of each course, keeping you informed on the courses available to you at any specific term.




Other important information

Permission & request form

A permission and request form is used to:

  • Request permission to take courses out of sequence
  • Request permission to take courses online
  • Request permission to take six courses in one term
  • Declare a major, minor or concentration

Guide to graduation

Apply to graduate by March 1 for May graduation, and Sept. 1 for October graduation. You’ll receive a letter with more information about the ceremony and souvenir invitations will be sent to your local address.

Receiving your certificate

To claim your certificate contact the Office of the Registrar stating your full name, student number and the name of the certificate you are requesting. Certificates must be approved by the UNB Saint John Senate and the UNB Board of Governors. Certificates may be picked up from the Office of the Registrar or sent to you by mail as there is no ceremony for the awarding of certificates.

Degree confirmation letter

If you complete your degree in December, you may need a confirmation letter from the Registrar’s Office stating that you completed all course requirements of the degree. However, you will not receive the diploma until the next graduation ceremony.

If you need a letter for visa or employment purposes: (1) Apply to graduate, (2) Complete a permission & request form requesting a letter of completion, (3) Submit an up-to-date, audit form to

Note: There is a fee for this service.