Research support

Ways to partner

Partnering with UNB creates opportunities to reduce your risks and lower your costs of doing research.

Here are some of the ways you can make UNB a valued and valuable partner in your next project:

  • Technology assessments (may be subsidized for industry, subject to fund availability)
  • Validation and characterization testing
  • Service contracts
  • Intellectual property and product development agreements
  • License agreements for existing technologies
  • New solution licensing for industry challenges
  • Company spinoff support for staff, researchers and students
  • Problem assessments, studies and literature reviews
  • Connect researchers and technologies to businesses
  • Support greater research collaboration through public and/or private partnerships
  • Supporting knowledge mobilization activities

Testing and short-term research

Do you need validation testing, characterization research, expert consultation, or have other defined needs for short-term access to specific research experts or facilities?

Our team provides support in finding the right expert and making the connection and works directly with Office of Research Services staff to develop and manage agreements.

Technology assessments

Companies can access a researcher to assess a technology or new product or capability.

Costs are covered by an agreement with the National Research Council’s (NRC) Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) and are subject to their review and approval.

  • Short-term technical or business assistance for companies, generally up to 5 days (40 hours) of work.
  • The Innovation team will facilitate the liaison.
  • Companies will receive a final report that can be used for further investment.

Service contracts

Access researchers and technical staff on both campuses to help solve problems, conduct studies and develop models.