What is the Fulcrum?

It's about leveraging our resources for your projects.

The Fulcrum is an initiative to innovate and enhance UNB's approach to research partnership and commercialization opportunities.

The name references our team's ability to leverage expertise, innovation, opportunities and needs in establishing partnerships and mobilizing knowledge and technology.

Our vision is to be even more open, welcoming and accessible as an institution in connecting our community and industry neighbours with support from our researchers and facilities.

The Fulcrum represents a strategic and renewed drive to intensify our collaborations in the community, and to increase the impact of our research in our communities and industry.

More than that, it represents our drive to increase our presence in the world and meet our partners where they are, with the support they need, when and how they need it.

That includes focusing effort and resources in areas where we can bring a wide range of expertise to bear in areas where we see strong need and opportunity, through focus points we call Convergence Hubs.