Accessibility at UNB

The University of New Brunswick must be known as an institution of inclusion. In accordance with this objective, the University will make its best efforts to ensure there is barrier-free access to learning and employment for qualified people who have different types of disabilities.

The university accepts as a priority that future construction of campus facilities, including buildings, parking areas, pedestrian routes, and related infrastructure, will incorporate principles of universal design and barrier-free access.

Recognizing our special challenges, e.g., the topography and legacy of old buildings on the Fredericton campus, the university is working and will continue to work towards the renovation of existing facilities to ensure accessibility for students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors who may have a disability.

Student Accessibility Centres

Joint Accommodation and Accessibility Committee

Article 57 of the AUNBT Collective Agreement establishes a Joint Accessibility and Accommodation Committee, which is intended to serve as a vehicle for discussions between the two Parties (AUNBT and management) concerning the development, implementation, and monitoring of accessibility initiatives.

In undertaking this work, the committee recognizes that reasonable accommodation for AUNBT members mirrors similar needs of all employees, students, and visitors. This university-wide Committee strives to work closely with campus-specific accessibility committees and offices.

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