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Transfer students

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The University of New Brunswick welcomes students from other post-secondary institutions who are interested in studying at its campuses.

The first step is to apply to UNB. Once we have received your application and your transcripts, the campus admissions office and the faculty you've applied to will review them.

The Registrar's Office in either Fredericton or Saint John will notify you regarding acceptance into your requested program, including the number of transfer credits awarded.

You can use our transfer credits lookup site to learn whether courses that you are taking, or plan to take, have previously been given transfer credit at UNB.

General information

  1. If, for academic reasons, you are not eligible for re-admission to the university you last attended, you will not be admitted to UNB.
  2. You must take at least 50 per cent of the credits required for your degree, diploma or certificate at UNB.
  3. Courses for which credit has been awarded at the transferring institution will be accepted provided that:
    • The courses being considered for credit satisfy the program requirements at the University of New Brunswick.
    • The courses being considered meet the standard of grade required within the program at the University of New Brunswick.
  4. Your cumulative grade point average will be based only on courses taken at UNB (i.e. those listed in the UNB Undergraduate Calendar) even though you may be given credit for courses taken at other universities.

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