About the Research & Innovation Partnerships team

Leveraging research expertise to lift up our world

UNB’s Research & Innovation (R&I) team helps maximize UNB's input into a sustainable economy in New Brunswick and beyond through the development and transfer of technology and knowledge.

We operate under UNB’s Vice-President (Research) as part of the Office of Research Services, enabling a high degree of awareness and collaboration with all of UNB’s research functions.

Creating connections and increasing impact

We develop collaboration opportunities, and we support technology and knowledge transfer.

Our team is guided by the idea that UNB can play an important role alongside industry, government and community in supporting a stronger, healthier and more innovative New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada.

Our team is committed to generating success by:

  • Providing active and responsive support to faculty, staff, partners and potential clients and partners for research partnerships, and maintain ongoing services;
  • Identifying funding and collaboration opportunities to support research partnerships;
  • Expanding the number of community and industry partners, research faculty participants, and projects we support;
  • Maintaining open dialogue with our clients and partners to remain well informed of their activities and goals, in order to leverage additional opportunities for support; and
  • Developing effective identification of UNB researcher created technologies with commercialization potential, and expediting bringing them to market with industry, preferably in New Brunswick.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.