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Advising for BAM students

The Faculty of Business at UNB Saint John offers articulated programs in Accounting and General Business leading to The Bachelor of Applied Management (BAM). The programs are designed to offer students the opportunity to experience two very different types of learning environments while they develop proficiency in both the theoretical and applied areas of their chosen fields.

The University regulations in respect to students transferring to the BAM degree program states that course credits may only be transferred from another university to UNB, when the grade is equivalent to at least a C at UNB. In addition, at least half the credit hours for the BAM degree must be taken at UNB and must normally include all the required courses in the BAM degree program.

Degree requirements

A qualifying student will receive a block transfer of 60chs towards the BAM program and be expected to complete 60chs of courses at UNB for a total of 120chs degree.

The Bachelor of Applied Management in Accounting (BAMAC) includes 30 chs of core courses, 18 chs of required electives and 12chs of optional courses for a 120 chs degree.

The Bachelor of Applied Management in General Business (BAM General) includes 48 chs of core course and 12 chs of required electives for a total of 120 chs degree.

BAM students must choose electives and options from the following:

Humanities and Languages: Classics, English, French, German, Greek, History, Humanities, Latin, Philosophy, Spanish (or other courses as approved by the Faculty of Business).

Social Sciences: Gender Studies, Geography, Information & Communication Studies, International Studies, Linguistics, Politics, Psychology, Social Science, Sociology (or other courses as approved by the Faculty of Business).

Business electives: all courses prefixed with BA which are not listed as core courses for the BAM programs

Other electives: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Geology, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Science, or other courses as approved by the Faculty of Business.

Students must keep a self-tracking degree audit and meet with the advisor to review the form and confirm being on track to complete the BAM degree requirements. Remember, it is each student responsibility to ensure that they meet the requirements for graduation.

Minor or concentration

Majors in specific business areas are not offered with the BAM programs. However, students may earn concentrations. In addition, the Faculty of Business will accept all minors as laid out by the offering faculty. Students should note that pursuing a minor may require them to complete more than the minimum number of credit hours required for the BAM degree. Core courses in this program may not form part of the concentration.

Connect with the Advisor

Continue to email your questions to or, book an academic advising session. Make sure to include your student number in the subject line.