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Advising for second-year and upper-year students

For students entering their second year of studies, who were successful in all the courses taken in year one, please select your courses before seeing the Academic Advisor.

For the Second year, each term will consist of 3 core courses and 2 elective courses.

Fall Term
BA 2217 Accounting for Managers II
BA 2504 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
BA 2606 Business Decision Analysis II
Two Business Electives/Option course** - 6 ch

Winter Term
BA 2001 Business Communications
BA 2303 Principles of Marketing
BA 2858 Introduction to Human Resource Management
BA 3623 Management Science: Deterministic Models
One Business Elective or Option Course** - 3 ch

** Option courses may be selected from the offerings of any faculty provided that the selections are in accord with regulations X.3 and 4 above, and provided they are approved by the Faculty of Business.


If at any time during your second or third year you decide on a major, send to the advisor a written request to declare the major on your transcripts. In the same manner, students can declare double majors, a minor or a concentration in the area of your choice.

After declaring, you may continue to consult with Marina while choosing the appropriate electives to complete your degree, major, minor or concentration. Declaring a major in the last 3 terms is not advisable as generally, the student will run out of time and may miss the opportunity to graduate with a major.

Course registration

For continuing students, the 2020/SM, 2020/FA and 2021/WI terms, registration opened on March 2020. The 2020/SM is a faster term and students take fewer courses than in the regular terms, most students will take courses during the summer term to get ahead or to make up for failures. Register as soon as possible in both 2020/FA & 2021/WI to avoid waiting lists or course cancelations due to lack of enrolment.

Degree requirements

The requirements to graduate with a Bachelor of Business include 57 chs of core courses, 30 chs of required electives and 33 chs of optional courses for 120 chs for the degree. Students must include in the 30chs of required electives 2 Social Science electives and 2 Humanities or Languages, which must be taken no later than second year.

Remember, it is each student’s responsibility to ensure it is meeting the requirements for graduation.

Please keep a self-tracking degree audit. Make an appointment with your advisor to review the form and ensure that you are on the right track toward completing your BBA degree and major, minor or concentration requirements.

Connect with the Advisor

Continue to email your questions to sjadvising@unb.ca or book your academic advising session. Make sure to include your student number in the subject line.