X. Business Administration Curriculum and Degree Requirements

  1. Students must successfully complete at least 120 ch of course work and must obtain a grade of at least C in all required and elective courses specifically required for the degree.
  2. The normal course load for students in the BBA program will be five courses per term. Students with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.7 may, with the written permission of the Manager   of Undergraduate Programs or the Dean of the Faculty of Business, take a maximum of six courses in a given term.
  3. Candidates for the degree must successfully complete the following credit hours: a) 57 core, b) 18 Business electives, c) 6 Social Science electives, d) 6 Humanities and Languages electives, e) 33 options, of which a maximum of 18 may be chosen from Business and a maximum of 12 of the 33 may be at the introductory level.

    An elective course is one chosen from a specified group of courses, e.g. "from Social Science or Business". An option course is an approved course chosen by the student from any approved discipline.


  4. Humanities and Languages: Classics, English, French, German, Greek, History, Humanities, Latin, Philosophy, Spanish, (or other courses as approved by the Faculty of Business)

    Social Sciences: Communication StudiesGender Studies, Geography, International Studies, Linguistics, Politics, Psychology, Social Science, Sociology (or other courses as approved by the Faculty of Business)

    Business: All courses prefixed with BA which are not listed as required in section 5 below.

    Options: Except as noted below, options may be chosen from any of the elective areas listed above as well as: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Geology, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Science, or other courses as approved by the Faculty of Business.

  5. It is the responsibility of students to ascertain that their elective and option courses are acceptable for BBA degree credit. Credit will not be granted for CHEM 1831, ESL 1301, ESL 1302, ESL 1303, FREN 1103, IT 1703, ECON 1004, PSYC 1273 or MATH 1863, MATH 2633 OR MATH 3633 in the BBA program. Credit will be granted for only one of MATH 1001, or MATH 1003, or MATH 2853.

    Students enrolled in a degree or certificate program under the aegis of the Faculty of Business are not to register in the following courses or similar courses without prior permission of the Faculty of Business. (The content of these courses is similar to required or option BBA courses.)

    PSYC 2901, PSYC 3913, STAT 1793, STAT 2793, STAT 2263, STAT 2593.

    NOTE: Students should contact the Faculty of Business at the beginning of each regular academic year for a revised list of courses in this category.

  6. Course Requirements
    Students are responsible for ensuring that they meet all the requirements specified for the degree. These include the minimum credit hour requirements, minimum grade point averages, minimum grades in specified courses, successful completion of all specifically required courses and compliance with the restrictions on elective and option courses as in regulation X.3 above.

    Students are advised to consult Section F of this Calendar for detailed course descriptions, including the number of credit hours assigned to each course.

Example of a Typical Student's Program

(15 ch per term, total 120 ch)

First Year
Fall Term
MATH 1853 Math for Business I
ECON 1013 Intro to Economics-Micro
BA 1501 How Business Works
Humanities or Language Elective*
Social Science Elective*

Winter Term
BA 1605 Business Decision Analysis I
ECON 1023 Intro to Economics-Macro
BA 1216 Accounting for Managers I
Social Science Elective
Humanities or Language Elective

Second Year
Fall Term
BA 2217 Accounting for Managers II
BA 2504 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
BA 2606 Business Decision Analysis II
Business Elective/Option** - 6 ch

Winter Term
BA 2001 Business Communications
BA 2303 Principles of Marketing
BA 2858 Introduction to Human Resource Management
BA 3623 Management Science: Deterministic Models
Business Electives or Option Courses** - 3 ch

Fall Term
BA 3425 Managerial Finance
Business electives or option courses - 12 ch

Winter Term
BA 3304 Marketing Management
BA 3653 Production & Operations Management
BA 3672 Introduction to Management Information Systems
BA 3705 Business Law
Business Electives or Option Courses - 3 ch

Fourth Year
Fall Term
BA 4101 Competitive Strategy
Business Electives or Option Courses - 12 ch

Winter Term
Business Electives or Option Courses - 15 ch


* All students must include BA 1501 within their first 30 ch; 6 ch from the Social Science disciplines within their first 60 ch, and 6 ch from the Humanities and Languages disciplines within their first 60 ch.

** Option courses may be selected from the offerings of any faculty provided that the selections are in accord with regulations X.3 and 4 above, and provided they are approved by the Faculty of Business.