NOTE: See the beginning of Section F for abbreviations, course numbers and coding.

GER1003Basic German3 ch

How Germans pronounce and order their words in questions, answers, commands and various sentence structures. Original German videos and Canadian content improve understanding and motivation.

GER1004Improving Basic German3 ch

Continues the study of the basic elements of German with a Canadian emphasis. Creative oral and written work on subjects chosen by the students is strongly encouraged. Extensive use of audio-visual materials.

Prerequisite: GER 1003 or equivalent.

GER1063Spoken German3 ch

Concentrates on the development of conversational skills appropriate to student’s stated needs. Extensive use of audio-visual materials. NOTE: Similar to UNBF course GER 1013 Spoken German I. 

GER2003Creative German3 ch

Continues to develop the students’ ability to read, write, speak and understand German. Emphasises oral and written production on subjects chosen by students. Uses shorter German original texts and audio-visual materials. Taught in German and English.

Prerequisites: GER 1003 and one of GER 1004, GER 1063, GER 1133 or equivalent.

GER2004Reading German Literature in German3 ch

Selected short stories in German, e.g., Ebner-Eschenbach, Kafka, Brecht, Böll, Dürrenmatt and students’ choices. Taught mainly in German. 

Prerequisite: GER 2003 or equivalent.

GER2133The Contributions of German-Speaking People3 ch

Examines the contributions to arts, culture, literature science and ideas of selected German-speaking individuals from past and present times. Taught in English.

GER3003Literature in German in Translation I (18th/19th Century)3 ch

Examines selected works of the enlightenment and the storm and stress, classical, romantic and realistic periods, and their contribution to world literature. Taught in English.

GER3004Lit. in German in Translation II (20th Century)3 ch

Examines important Swiss, Austrian, and German authors and their contribution to world literature. This includes Hesse, Kafka, Brecht, Böll Grass, Hochhuth, Dürrenmatt and Frisch and film versions of the works whenever possible. Taught in English.