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Advising for high school students

High School graduates with no previous post-secondary education are encouraged to attend our virtual Spring Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR).

Choosing your courses

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is designed to be completed in 4 years by taking 5 courses in each term, fall (Sept – Dec) and winter (Jan – April).

For the first year, each term will consist of 3 core courses and 2 elective courses.

First Year - Fall Term
MATH 1853 Math for Business I
ECON 1013 Intro to Economics-Micro
BA 1501 How Business Works
One Humanities or Language Elective**
One Social Science Elective*** or,
UNIV1003 Everything I Need to Know in First Year****.

Second Term - Winter Term
BA 1605 Business Decision Analysis I
ECON 1023 Intro to Economics-Macro
BA 1216 Accounting for Managers I
One Humanities or Language Elective*
One Social Science Elective**

*All students must include; 6 ch from the Social Science disciplines within their first 60 ch, and 6 ch from the Humanities and Languages disciplines within their first 60 ch.

**The Humanities and Languages include English (ENGL), French (FR), Latin (LAT), Spanish (SPAN), Aboriginal Studies (ABRG), Classics (CLAS), Comparative Literature (WLIT), History (HIST), Humanities (HUM) and Philosophy (PHIL).

***The Social Sciences include Anthropology, Communication Studies (COMS), Gender Studies (GEN), Geography (GEOG), Linguistics (LING), Politics (POLS), Psychology (PSYC), and Sociology (SOCI).

**** UNIV1003 is not a Social Science or a Humanity. The course is a free option designed to help High School students to transition into university studies. If chosen, it must be taken in the first term of the program.

New Student Guide

The new student guide for UNB Saint John students contains the tools you need to get your university life started.