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Spring Orientation, Advising & Registration (S.O.A.R.)

At UNB Saint John we cannot wait to have you join our campus community.

UNB staff and faculty are just about ready to welcome you to our family and will host a virtual Spring Orientation, Advising, and Registration - or what we call SOAR – sometime in late May.

During SOAR, we will present a series of events that are designed to introduce you to all aspects of our campus.

So what can you expect in the next week or two?

During late April and early May, you will be able to sign-up for the SOAR advising sessions that are applicable to you. Expect an email from our Manager of Student Success, Dr. Dave Decker, who will provide you with more information about session times and web links for how to register for appropriate events.

Near the end of May you will receive another email that will have a ‘check-list’ of things you need to do before SOAR begins. This includes things like claiming your UNB IT services, previewing videos on how to use the myUNBportal, and our virtual meetings space: Microsoft Teams. These things won’t take long but getting them done in advance means you will get the most out of SOAR.

So, are you wondering what we have in store? Read on for a sneak peak!

Campus welcome

Join our campus Vice-President, Dr. Petra Hauf, as we welcome the Fall 2020 class to UNB Saint John. This virtual session is intended for students and parents alike. During this session you will also hear from the President of our Student Representative Council (SRC), our academic Dean(s), and Director of Student Services. During this session we will welcome you to our beautiful campus and learn all about student life and supports we offer our students.

Faculty welcome

What better way to start a new program than to hear from your Dean, program chairs, faculty and current students at UNB Saint John. Each faculty will host a virtual session designed to help you learn all about the expectations of your faculty. We will further talk about the exciting opportunities that each degree offers and some of the unique social aspects of your area of study. Our main goal here is to help you integrate both academically and socially to UNB Saint John.

Academic advising sessions

Our academic advisors will be hosting virtual presentations to help students understand the course requirements of their degree, important academic information and select the courses you will take in your Fall and Winter term. We will host group sessions for students for most undergraduate programs at UNB Saint John. We will host most sessions twice to help you find a time that best works for your schedule.

Registration sessions

The Office of the Registrar staff will host virtual registration sessions throughout the week. These sessions are designed to help you register for the courses. Whether you chose to self-advise or attended a session with an academic advisor, we are here to help you register using the e-services platform. Students only need to attend this session if you do not know how to register using e-services or if you are experiencing issues.

Residence tour

Our Residence staff are developing an interesting way to tour virtually around the place you have chosen to call home. Join our Manager and Residence Life Coordinator for a sneak peak of our rooms, dining area, social spaces and a glimpse into campus life.

Student Services sessions

Student Services will host a set of sessions including Transitioning to University, Immigration, Welcoming students to NB and Canada, financial aid (with guest presenter from the Provincial government), and many more.

Student Representative Council

Wondering what life is like as a student at UNB Saint John? Join your SRC President, VP Student Life, and current students for a fun filled hour all about social life on campus and in the city. During this session you will be able to learn what it means to be a Seawolves and ask all of your question.