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Report and theses preparation

Consult the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) guidelines for the preparation and submission of the theses before you begin.

The first step

Work with your supervisor until your report or thesis draft is ready for review by the supervisory/advisory committee.

The committee may request an "internal examination", i.e. the thesis is read by two full faculty members who have not served on the student's committee.

The supervisory/advisory committee reviews the thesis and suggests or requires changes as appropriate.

Student should send thesis title; 150-300 word abstract and CV to Graduate Studies Coordinator.

Once the committee and the reading committee (if applicable) approves the thesis and choose potential examiners, they sign and submit the Thesis Approval form (get form from Graduate Studies Coordinator).

The student provides a PDF version of their report/thesis for submission to examiners.

The second step

This varies for MSc and PhD report/theses:

MSc report/theses

The examining committee reviews the thesis (2-3 weeks) and returns a decision as to whether or not it may proceed to defence.  They select a defense date and time that works for the committee; supervisor and the Director of Graduate Studies.

The defense notice is sent out 1 full week in advance.  The student/supervisor send the TEAMS link to the Graduate Studies Coordinator.

PhD theses

The Supervisory/Advisory Committee submits potential external examiner names to Director of Graduate Studies (DoGS).

The supervisor signs the Conflict of Interest form. The Graduate Studies Coordinator prepares the Nomination form and GAU Requirements form for the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). The rest of the process is handled entirely by the School of Graduate Studies.

Once the examiners all agree and SGS schedules the defense, the student/supervisor should send a collated list of attendees (names & email addresses) to SGS, one full week in advance, to be included in the Zoom meeting.  The Student/Supervisor must send a full list of attendees to SGS for approval.

The final step (after defense for both MSc and PhD students)

Students submit their completed thesis once formatting is approved by SGS.

One electronic PDF copy of their completed thesis is sent to All paperwork is sent to Andrea Ruehlicke. UNB no longer handles personal binding, SGS recommends Lehmann Bookbinding.  Students can request printing and binding directly from Lehmann, any questions contact them at


Students are responsible for registering for graduation, even if they don’t plan to attend the ceremony. Tickets can be requested online, log in using UNB ID and password.

Graduation deadlines

May Encaenia

  • March 1 to apply online to graduate
  • March 31 to complete the degree requirements (submit final thesis & paperwork to SGS)

Fall Convocation

  • Sept. 1 to apply online to graduate
  • August 30 to complete the degree requirements (submit final thesis & paperwork to SGS)

Previous students' thesis defenses