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New graduate students

So, you got your Certificate of Acceptance from the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Congratulations!  Have you met all the conditions of your acceptance (ie: official transcripts/English language scores)?

Now what?

Activate your IT account

Register for classes

You are responsible for registering every term for the duration of your graduate program.

Student ID Card (UCard)

  • You obtain this from the UNB Card Office, located in Marshall d'Avery Hall, 10 Mackay Drive Room 106 (bldg # 61
  • Bring your government-issued photo ID and your UNB Student ID number
  • UCard Mobile ID - iPhone & Android
  • Those who previously completed a BSc degree at UNB will need a new card, the $15 replacement fee may be waived, call the card office to inquire.

Open a bank account

  • Bring two forms of ID (drivers licence; passport; study permit) and your student ID
  • Get a blank void cheque or form from your bank that includes your account information
  • Download Confirmation of Enrolment letters

Social Insurance Number (SIN) 

  • This is not required for Canadian students or those who are self funded
  • Submit a request for an appointment with Service Canada (1133 Regent St. suite 200) to apply for your SIN. 

Paperwork for Financial Services

Paperwork for People & Culture (previously Human Resources)

  • IUC Physics/Admin 8 Bailey Dr, People & Culture is located in room 102 (bldg # 18)
  • Submit completed tax forms and banking information along with your Study Permit (if applicable) and SIN to Abby Shortall.   Forms can be found here.  Hint: Employee ID is Student ID.
  • For help with your tax forms, email
  • Submit a copy of your Study Permit to the Grad Coordinator.
  • All forms should all be sent via UNB Secure File Drop, never through email. 

Set up Supervisory/Advisory committee

  • Meet with your supervisor, and set up a Supervisory/Advisory Committee (supervisor + 2-3 others)
  • Complete the Program of Study form and submit it to the Grad Coordinator
  • Review the SGS Student Supervisor Checklist with your Supervisor

Graduate Student Association (GSA)

Union of Graduate Student Workers (UGSW)

  • Located at 10 Mackay Dr, Marshall d'Avray Hall 322-1B (bldg # 61)
  • Visit the UGSW site to see what services they provide
  • If TA'ing, email to request a hardcopy membership form with your Union Package.

Medicare & International Health

International students should check-in with the International Student Advisors Office, C.C. Jones bldg 26 Bailey Dr (bldg # 29). 

All students should familiarize themselves with UNB's Services for Students Guide