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Where do I go from here?

Course start and end dates

Your course start and end dates are listed in the "Introductory Letter" you receive once you are fully registered in your course. These dates determine when you start and when you must complete the course (disregard the dates that show in Student Planning & Registration).

From your start date, you will have six months to complete the entire course, including all quizzes, midterms and final exams. If your course is not completed by this end date, an "F" grade will appear on your transcript.

  • Government student loan programs (Canadian and US) require that courses must be completed within a traditional term timeframe. This means, if you are a government student loan recipient, you must complete any open entry courses within the term in which you register. Therefore, you will not have the standard six months typically granted to complete open entry online courses. (Fall term completion date December 31; winter term completion date April 30; summer term completion date August 31.)

Once you have received and read the Introductory email, it is advisable to log-in and ensure you are able to access your course.

Activating UNB Services

If you have not yet claimed your account, visit MyUNB and click "Activate your UNB IT Services".

Screenshot of sign-in page

To claim your account you will need your Student #, Login ID and your date of birth. This information can be found in the email you received from "extend@unb.ca" with the subject "Accessing your UNB Online Course". You cannot access your course without activating your account.

Screenshot of activate sevices page

Logging into UNB Services

Login to myUNB then click "services and information for students" on the left-hand menu.

Screenshot of main myUNB portal page with eServices highlighted

Logging into D2L Brightspace (D2L)

Your course can be found under the online tab in D2L Brightspace (D2L) through MyUNB.

Screenshot of myUNB portal with D2L highlighted

Student video tutorials about D2L Brightspace

To view student resources for D2L Brightspace, such as PDF and Video guides, visit www.unb.ca/d2l, and click "D2L Resources for Students".

Screenshot of where to find student tutorials on D2L

UNB resources for students

A hand pulling a book out of a laptop screen

There are some wonderful perks available to you when you take an Online Course at UNB.


You can download Microsoft Office Suite for FREE to your home computer! You can also have your UNB email for life.


If you are not on campus, you can still log-in and use the library resources!

If you need help navigating the library, visit their "contact us" section. You can even correspond with them over a live chat. This Welcome to UNB Libraries (PDF) handout includes instructions for enrolling in the Libraries' Research Toolkit. 

If you are not in New Brunswick you can also borrow books from the millions of copies that UNB has available by registering for distance home delivery.


Many online courses require a textbook. Details are provided in the course syllabus. It is the responsibility of the student to order course texts. Many textbooks can be ordered from the UNB Bookstore, or from online vendors like Amazon or Chapters. If you find an older edition of a textbook, please confirm with your course Instructor before making any purchases.


For general information about the UNB Student Accessibility Centres and to register for services, please visit the Fredericton Student Accessibility Centre or the Saint John Student Accessibility Centre.

Learn more about exam accommodations available to you in your online course


Sometimes you set out on your academic journey and everything just falls perfectly into place. But when life hits, we have a student advocate who can assist you. Should you have any difficulties in completing your course due to medical or compassionate reasons, contact the student advocate:

Wilfred Langmaid, Student Advocate
Student Services
Tel: 1 506 453 4527
Fax: 1 506 453 5005
CC Jones Student Services Ctr
UNB Fredericton Campus


Need help in fine tuning your "written voice"? Need to know how to correctly reference an online newspaper article? The UNB Writing Centre is here to help! They have a "CYBER TUTOR" for our online students.


UNB offers many Student Support Services you can take advantage of:  Math Help Centre, Financial Aid, Career and personal counseling, Saferide, Safewalk, Tutor Inventory and more.

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