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D2L Brightspace support

If you’re having trouble with D2L, you have a few options:

  1. View student resources for D2L, such as PDF and Video guides, visit and click D2L Resources for Students.
  2. Send us an email ( and our helpful staff will follow up with you.

Frequently asked questions


Q. Who is my instructor?

You will find your instructor’s name in the Start Here module of your course.

Q. How do I contact them?

You will find your instructor’s contact information in the Start Here module of your course.

Q. How will I be graded?

You will find marking and grading information in the course syllabus located in the Start Here module of your course.

Q. Which timezone is UNB in?

The Atlantic Time Zone.

Q. Can I take the course offline or do I need to be online?

Most courses (or coursework) will require a reliable connection to the internet in order to access materials. However, once downloaded you may be able to do some work offline.

Q. If I want to chat or be part of the UNB community, how can I connect?

Q. What should I do if I cannot complete my online course due to health or other extenuating circumstances?

Course extensions can be granted for medical and compassionate reasons, documentation will be required. Students must email with their: name, UNB ID#, course and term, along with supporting documentation (i.e., medical note) at least 10 business days (two weeks) before the open entry course end date. Please refer to the Extensions section of this guide for more information.

Q. I don’t know what my course end date is. How do I find it?

Your course end date was supplied in your "Introductory Letter" email. If you have misplaced this email, please send us a message at with your name, student number and course name.

Q. How many hours should I devote to an open entry course online?

Your course instructor will be able to give you the most accurate estimate of how much time you should devote to your course. For a typical undergraduate course, the estimated hours are:

  • 3 hours per week reading the content online
  • 4-5 hours per week doing related readings, papers, etc.

Total: 8 hours per course per week or a little more than 1 hour per day

Q. I am enrolled in an online course and I may need to withdraw. Can I withdraw through Student Planning & Registration?

No, your withdrawal will not be processed. To withdraw from online courses, fill out the Complete Course & Program Withdrawal Form.

Q. What should I consider before withdrawing from my course?

  • Reach out to your instructor for course assistance.
  • Request a course extension.
  • Fully review the Withdrawal Policies. Note: "W" does not affect your GPA, while a "WF" does affect your GPA.
  • If you have a Student Loan, a course withdrawal may affect it; contact UNB Financial Services.
  • Contact your Academic Advisor regarding implications to your program.


Q. I emailed my course instructor, but I have not received an email back? How can I get my questions answered? How long should I wait for a reply?

Please expect that a response to your inquiry may take up to 3 business days. If you are unable to reach your instructor and require immediate assistance, please email us at

Q. What should I do if I am struggling with the course material?

Your instructor is the best person to assist you with the course material and/or provide you with additional resources.

Q. What should I do if I don’t agree with the grading of my assignment or exam?

The University Calendar Regulation Section L: Review of Grades outlines all options for a review of submitted course work.

Q. I wrote my final exam and want my final course grade. How long will it take my instructor to post the grade?

Generally, following a final exam, a grade should be posted within 5 to 7 business days. If your course did not have an exam, the course grade should be submitted within 7 business days. If you do not see your grade within this time period, it is best to email your instructor directly.

Q. Who can grant me an extension in my course?

You can request an extension to complete "course work" based on extenuating grounds and must e-mail your instructor(s). Please refer to the Extensions section of this guide as there are specific dates as to when an extension may be requested.

Q. Can I write my final exam on my course end date?

Yes, you are permitted to write your exam on your course end date.

Q. Do I have to buy a textbook from the UNB Bookstore? Can I buy an older version?

The UNB Bookstore does stock textbooks needed for online courses. If you would like to purchase an older version of the text, please consult with your course instructor for confirmation.

Q. Where do I go if I need help with the library or paper writing?

The UNB Resources for Students section of this student guide will help point you in the right direction for assistance.


Q. Where do I go to get help, if I need it?

If you need technology or UNB IT Service-related help, contact the IT Service Desk:

If you need course-related assistance, contact the Online @ UNB Team, College of Extended Learning (CEL):

Phone: 506-451-6815
Toll-free: 1-866-599-4646 (request to speak to the Online @ UNB Team) 

Office Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:15 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Atlantic) – Labour Day to Victoria Day
  • Monday to Friday: 7:45 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Atlantic) – Victoria Day to Labour Day

Q. What do I need for a computer/device?

  • Processor: Recommended: Multi Core (Minimum 2).
  • Operating System: Minimum Windows 8.1 or higher, macOS 11 (Big Sur) or higher. Note: A number of courses may require the use of Windows-specific software.
  • Memory: 4 GB or more
  • Hard Drive: No specific requirement, but at least 2-3 GB of hard drive space should be available for document/assignment storage and download.
  • Optical Device: Not required.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi card: Built to the 802.11x standard
  • Network card/port: Not required, but recommended.
  • Expansion Ports: USB ports (minimum 3 recommended); USB Headset preferred (if required); Microphone/Line-In, Headphone/Line out (optional).

Q. What kind of internet connection do I need?

Recommended download speed: 4–6 Mbps; minimum 1–4 Mbps.

Q. What software do I need?

Microsoft Office (free to UNB students) and a PDF Reader (download at

Q. Where to look to see if UNB services are up or down?

Visit Information Technology Services and look under "Current Outages".

Q. Why do I seem to have more than one email address at UNB?

Your main UNB Email address has this format: "". Another version of that same email address uses your full name: "". These email addresses share the same Inbox. To access your email account, visit

D2L Brightspace-specific

Q. Where can I go if I want to refresh my knowledge of D2L?

To view student resources for D2L, such as video guides and PDFs, visit the D2L Brightspace Page.

Q. I’ve just completed a quiz. How do I view my attempt?

Click "Assessments" then "Quizzes", then the black triangle beside that quiz’s title, and choose “Submissions", then "Attempt 1".

Q. How do I send an email in D2L?
A. Click the "Communication" tab in the header menu and click "Compose Email". Type the email address of the recipient, write your message, and click the blue "Send" button.

Q. Where do I receive email in D2L?
A. D2L email is a "Send-only" system. So all replies are sent to your UNB Outlook account. To access this account from within D2L, click the “Communication” menu in the header and click “Read Email (Inbox)”. This will open your UNB Outlook Email.

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