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LPN-BN Nursing Pathway

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Advance your nursing career

The LPN-BN Nursing Pathway provides the education needed for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) in New Brunswick to apply to UNB's Bachelor of Nursing (BN) Fredericton program. The LPN-BN Nursing Pathway builds on current knowledge and nursing practices and prepares students for entry into the third year of the four-year BN Fredericton program.

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Consisting of six online courses, the LPN-BN Nursing Pathway can be completed in a single term (6 courses in winter term) or over two terms (3 courses each term - fall and winter).

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ: While the six LPN-BN Nursing Pathway courses are online, years three and four of the BN degree program are not online. Once you complete the Pathway courses and transfer to the BN program, you will be required to complete the BN on-campus in Fredericton or the Miramichi*.

*The Learn Where You Live program allows students who live in, or wish to relocate to, the Miramichi area to complete years three and four in that region. LEARN MORE.


PSYC 1013 - Introduction to Psychology I OR PSYC 1023 - Introduction to Psychology II (or equivalent)

Stats 2263 - Statistics for Non-Science Majors (or equivalent)

BIOL 2759 - Physiology and Pathophysiology for Licensed Practical Nurses
This course provides a detailed review of normal human physiology and then focuses on the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying diseases in each organ system. This course is online and only open to students in the Licensed Practical Nurse to Bachelor of Nursing Pathway program.

NURS 2132 - Pharmacotherapeutics
Includes theory and principles of pharmacology as they apply to Nursing. Provides requisite knowledge to administer medications, provide patient education, and assess the potential for adverse events related to drug and lifestyle issues. The theory will include basic legal and safety issues related to drug administration by the nurse.

NURS 2217 - Professional Nursing Practice
Builds on the concepts of professional nursing practice gained in Practical Nurse curricula expanding knowledge and practice to the scope of the entry-level Registered Nurse. This course will focus on communication, professional identity, and social justice abilities within the BN curriculum. Particular emphasis on role transition, academic writing, and evidence-informed practice.

NURS 2218 - Enhanced Decision Making in Clinical Practice
Using a case-based approach across the lifespan, this course builds on assessment, data collection, pharmacotherapeutics, and clinical decision making of LPNs. Specific attention will be paid to the abilities of knowledge and its application and critical thinking and skills of analysis within the BN curriculum. Frameworks for recognizing and responding to changes in a client’s condition will be introduced (anticipatory thinking).

Transferring to the BN program

Once you complete the LPN-BN Nursing Pathway, you must apply for transfer into the third year of the four-year BN program.

To be eligible for transfer into the BN program, students must have a minimum grade of C in each of the LPN-BN Nursing Pathway courses with an overall minimum grade point average of 3.0. NOTE: Meeting the minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee admission into the BN program.

Admitted students will be granted a block transfer of 50 credit hours based on their Practical Nurse program and earn an additional 18 credit hours from the LPN-BN Nursing Pathway.

Once enrolled in the BN program, students have four years to complete the degree. The transfer application deadline to UNB's Bachelor of Nursing program is Feb. 15. Early application is encouraged.

Admission requirements

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply to the LPN-BN Pathway program:

  • Hold current licensure in the Association of New Brunswick Practical Licensed Nurses (ANBLPN) in good standing;
  • Are graduates of an 18-month or two-year practical nursing college program;

  • Have achieved a minimum grade of 75% in each course of the practical nurse program; and
  • Have successfully completed high school Math 112 (Functions and Relations or Pre-calculus 11 or Foundations 12) with a grade of 70%.

Note: Applicants who have completed their practical nursing program external to New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) or Oulton College may be required to submit program curriculum and course syllabi for assessment of equivalency.

All applicants to nursing programs at UNB will be required to write the Acuity Insights Assessments CASPer Test, an online, open-response situational judgement test. Learn more about the Acuity Insights Casper Test.

Admission decisions will be based on the applicant’s Grade Point Average (GPA) (60% weight) and the CASPer score (40%) weight.

Learn more about tuition and fees.

Application deadline

Feb. 15: Application deadline for Bachelor of Nursing, LPN Bridge program, BN Pathway and Bachelor of Health Sciences. Applications will continue to be accepted to Bachelor of Nursing, LPN Bridge program and BN Pathway while seats are available.

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Learn Where You Live

In response to the nursing workforce needs identified by the Province of New Brunswick, the Faculty of Nursing in partnership with Horizon Health Network and New Brunswick Community College is launching a new program called Learn Where You Live.

These programs allow LPN-BN Pathway students who live in the Miramichi region to study and work in that area. This new program will be offered upon successful completion of the six pathway courses.

The Faculty of Nursing is offering 24 seats in the Learn Where You Live option for students who live in the Miramichi, or those willing to relocate to the Miramichi. Applications will also be considered from Moncton, Upper River Valley and Restigouche regions if the capacity is not achieved in the Miramichi.

Students who choose this option will complete all Year 3 & 4 Bachelor of Nursing coursework and clinicals in Miramichi, New Brunswick. Contact us to find out more!

Shannon Waite
Phone: 506 447-3449 (toll-free: 1-866-599-4646)
Email: lpnpathway@unb.ca