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Exam Accessibility Accommodations

For general information about the UNB Student Accessibility Centres and to register for services, please visit the Fredericton Student Accessibility Centre or the Saint John Student Accessibility Centre.

Do you require any of the following for your exam(s)?

  • Extended time for your quizzes and exam(s)
  • Alternative exam location
  • Paper exam

If you require any of these accommodations (or any not listed), please refer to the steps outlined below.

Instructions to Receive Exam Accommodations

Step 1

Register with one of the following UNB Student Accessibility Centres (SAC), to have your Accommodation Letter prepared:

  • UNB Fredericton Student Accessibility Centre
    • Register with this Centre if you are a:
      • Fredericton Campus student; or, if you are located in the Fredericton area;
      • Visiting student (a student attending a post-secondary institution other than UNB [Letter of Permission])
      • Student who is not located in either the Fredericton or Saint John regions.
  • UNB Saint John Student Accessibility Centre
    • Register with this Centre if you are a:
      • Saint John Campus student; or, if you are located in the Saint John area.

Accommodation letters will only be provided if you can supply one of the following forms of supporting documentation:

  • Medical documentation for a disability.
    Please check this list of approved medical documents.
  • A current/valid Accommodation Letter from your home institution.
    This letter must be on your school’s official letterhead and include a point of contact.

Step 2

Communicate with your instructor(s):

Once you have registered with the SAC, you should reach out to your instructor(s) to confirm that they have received your Accommodation Letter, and that your accommodations have been made. For example:

  • If you require extra time for online quizzes and exams (to ensure that the time has been adjusted accordingly).
  • If you require a paper exam (your instructor may need to create this).

Step 3

Booking your exam:

When you are ready to complete your exam(s) [midterm/final] and are unsure on how to proceed, please check one of the following avenues for more information about exam procedures:

  • Does your D2L course have a "Course Exam Guide"? If so, please follow the instructions found within.
  • Check your course Syllabus, or contact your course Instructor.
  • Should you have any other questions, or cannot find the information you are looking for, please email exams@unb.ca.

**Please be aware**

The UNB Online Team and the Student Accessibility Centre (SAC) require time to process accommodations. If you require exam accommodations, ensure you do the above steps as soon as possible.

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