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Withdrawing from courses

To learn more about notations on your academic record and refund amounts that will apply based on when you submit your course withdrawal form, please visit UNB Open Entry Course Withdrawal & Refund Policies.

If you wish to withdraw from your online course, you must fill out and submit a Complete Course & Program Withdrawal Form (do not use the UNB WebAdvisor tool through eServices to withdraw from an online course, it will not get processed).

  • If needed, contact your Academic Advisor to discuss any implications the withdrawal may have on your program.
  • In all cases, a course withdrawal form is required at least 10 business days (or 2 weeks) or more before your official course end date and will not be processed if:
    • an extension has been granted;
    • a final exam has been written;
    • a final grade has been submitted; and/or
    • if the official end date of the course has passed.
  • If you have medical or compassionate grounds you may e-mail the Student Advocate to discuss an academic appeal for grade relief.

Once the withdrawal is processed, you will receive an email confirmation from If you have questions concerning your Student Loan and/or refund, please contact UNB Financial Services at

IMPORTANT! This is a very serious detail: A “W” (withdraw) does not affect your GPA, but a “WF” (withdraw fail) does and it calculates as a zero in your GPA.

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Course extensions

All course extension requests now align with UNB’s University Calendar Regulation for Extensions.

  • Course extensions for medical/compassionate reasons are sent directly to the Student Advocate, Wilfred Langmaid at (supporting documentation is required) at least 10 business days (two weeks) before the open-entry course end date.
  • Students can request an extension to complete “course work” based on extenuating grounds and must e-mail their instructor(s) at least 10 business days (two weeks) before the open-entry course end date. Instructors will let students know directly if the request has been granted or denied based on the grounds they provided in their request. Requests will not be considered after the deadline (i.e. 10 business days or two weeks before your end date). Approved extensions are granted for three weeks past the original end date.
  • Extenuating grounds are circumstances outside the student’s control that are exceptional, unforeseeable, short-term circumstances which affect the ability to meet a deadline or participate in the course as might be reasonably expected. Examples may include: house fire, death of a family member, recent divorce/separation, and care for a sick family member, etc. It does not include poor time management.
  • If the extension request is approved and the course requires completion of a final exam, students should contact to schedule their exam within their extension period or make arrangements to move their scheduled exam to a future date within the extension period.
  • Important: If the extension request is approved, you are no longer eligible to withdraw from the course at a later date.

Please note: Course extensions are not for students that need to defer their scheduled exams due to medical/compassionate or extenuating grounds. There is a separate process if students need to defer their exam(s). Learn more about this process.

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