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Workplace Health and Wellness

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The Mental Health Commission of Canada attributes about 30% of short- and long-term disability claims to mental health problems and illnesses. In Canada, these issues contribute to an overall economic burden in the range of $50-billion a year. Of that, a staggering $20-billion stems from workplace losses, such as lost productivity and staff turnover.

Wellness solutions

The University of New Brunswick offers online health, safety, and wellness courses to provide managers, supervisors, and employees with tools to manage stress and mental health issues, both personally and professionally, and to achieve optimal workplace wellness.


  • Learn how to provide a supportive environment encouraging employees to seek help
  • Gain the skills to identify and support employees at risk
  • Get expert advice on how to implement strategies that reduce absenteeism and turnover rates
  • Understand how to improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity
  • Gain insight into achieving optimum workplace wellness
  • Get practical advice on how to gain buy-in from senior management for wellness initiatives

Online courses for supervisors, managers, & employees

Cannabis in the Workplace

In Canada, cannabis is now legal. It's time to get informed. UNB is proud to offer two workshops on the topic of cannabis in the workplace.

Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership

This certificate is a self-paced, online program designed to empower new and developing managers to support the mental fitness of employees, reduce mental harms, and promote mental health in the workplace.

Creating Healthy and Effective Workplaces

This professional training series is designed to equip human resource professionals, managers, business leaders, and workplace consultants with the skills to train others in Positive Workplace Practices (PWP), which promotes enhanced employee wellbeing, engagement, and team performance.

Disability Management

This course lays out the best practices in the field of disability management (DM), and their application to the case and claim management process. The course also outlines the role of OHS professionals and affiliated stakeholders responsible for DM and presents appropriate engagement and communication strategies, as well as legislation pertaining to DM.

Fatigue Management

This course helps participants better understand fatigue and how to manage it. Explore modern research and knowledge relating to the causes and effects of fatigue, discuss fatigue as a safety issue, and discover tools and methods used to assess, manage, and mitigate fatigue hazards.

Managing Challenging Behaviours

Performance management is about more than just managing proactive elements, such as performance reviews and employee development. There are times when managers need to respond to unwanted employee behaviour. This course teaches skills to confront and manage these unwanted behaviours and facilitate discipline.

Managing Crisis and Challenging Behaviours

In this fast-paced world, it's a benefit to managers to have the basic training necessary for crisis management and understand the need to protect the psychological well-being of employees.

Managing Mental Risk and Supporting Mental Health

Research has found that the best method for reducing the impact caused by mental health issues and illnesses is prevention. In this course, you will gain an understanding of mental health and the continuum of happy to mental illness and learn to enhance workplace productivity by protecting and improving employee psychological safety and well-being.

Mental Fitness Practice

Mental health concerns are on the upswing in Canada. The Mental Fitness Practice online course is an opportunity for you to develop the foundational knowledge and insights required to create your own personal mental fitness plan.

Navigating People-Driven Crisis

Learn the fundamentals of crisis management, how to promote employee psychological well-being, and the basics of employment law and the legal obligations of employers.

Pathway to Coping

Many people have never learned how to cope effectively, but the good news is coping skills are teachable. Pathway to Coping provides an opportunity for individuals to develop their coping skills following a structured developmental program.

Positive Workplace Culture

Positive Workplace Culture (PWC) is an online, self-paced professional training course designed to equip you with the skills to train others in Positive Workplace Practices (PWP), which will help to promote enhanced employee wellbeing, engagement, and team performance.

Program Planning and Wellness in the Workplace

Learn how to develop your workplace wellness program. Learn the planning process, how to conduct an employee health assessment, implement a plan, and evaluate. This course provides numerous examples of successful programs in action.

Psychological Health and Safety

This course examines theories relating to workplace stress and its interrelationship with mental health. You will learn strategies for dealing with counterproductive workplace behaviours such as conflict, workplace bullying and workplace violence, and practical approaches to assist in addressing these concerns.

Psychologically Safe Leaders

This course is designed to help leaders and aspiring leaders like you better understand the concept and risk factors associated with being a psychologically safe leader.

Supporting Mental Health at Risk

This course introduces managers to the topic of mental health, exploring the common mental health issues employees may experience that managers need to be prepared to support.

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