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Certificate in Adult Education

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Gain skills to teach and train adults

The Faculty of Education offers degree credit courses leading to a Certificate in Adult Education (CAE).

The CAE is designed to provide participants with a stand-alone certificate or the first step towards a Bachelor of Education in Adult Education degree. The program is open to learners who have at least one year (or equivalent) of full-time paid or volunteer experience in educating and training adults.

Courses are available online in the evening (after 5pm), making it convenient to fit learning into your busy schedule.


The CAE will prepare you for a career in teaching and training. You will learn basic skills and knowledge of the techniques, methods, and philosophy of adult education, including how to:

  • Instruct adults in classrooms and non-formal settings
  • Facilitate workplace training programs
  • Provide support services to adults
  • Begin a career in adult education


  • Courses can be completed on-campus or through distance
  • Online courses are term-based, providing a structured, yet flexible learning environment
  • You can test the waters – enrol in a course without a full commitment to the program

Who Should Apply?

Adult education typically attracts a variety of mid-life learners of diverse skills and knowledge, including teachers, facilitators, and instructors in post-secondary institutions. Others are coordinators, administrators, and trainers in both the public and private sectors. Those who are considering entering a field where they will be responsible for or working with adults in learning situations will find our program valuable.

Program Requirements

The CAE program consists of 36 credit hours. CAE participants must complete a total of 36 credit hours comprised of a compilation of both required and elective courses.

Required courses

  • ED 4042 – Introduction to Adult Education
  • ED 3024 – Understanding the Adult Learner
  • ED 3115 – Methods and Strategies in Adult Education
  • ED 3015 – Practicum in Adult Education, or
    ED 5010 – Advanced Practicum in Adult Education*

The remaining credit hours will derive from a selection of approved electives (see Adult Ed Planning Guide).

Transfer Credits

If you have completed courses and obtained a grade of C or higher 60%, you may be eligible to transfer credit toward the CAE. Credits may be transferred from other universities or colleges; however, at least half of a student’s academic credits must be obtained at UNB.

Admission Requirements

Individuals must meet the admission requirements for the BEd. Consult the UNB Fredericton Faculty of Education coordinator of student programs for advising and course selection.

Students who have completed the Instructor Development Program (designed for instructors in Community Colleges) may choose to continue with their studies, to obtain the Certificate in Adult Education.

Please note: The CAE and the BEd are intended for people interested in teaching adults. They do not provide certification to teach in the public-school system.

Download the Certificate in Adult Education Planning Sheet

How to Apply

Applications to the CAE program can be submitted online or by mail. There is an application fee of $65.00, and you will be asked for a credit card number to finish the online application process. If you cannot complete the application process as specified, please contact the UNB Admissions Office or call (506) 453- 4865. For ground mail applications, please print and fill out the Fredericton Campus Application, and submit the application and fee payment (credit card, cheque, or money order) to:

Registrar’s Office
UNB Fredericton
PO Box 4400, Fredericton, NB E3B 5A3
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