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College of Extended Learning

Improve your skills & reach your academic goals

The University Prep program is an online, non-credit preparatory program that will help you set and reach your university admission goals. It will also help you establish strong study skills and start you on a path to academic success.

With a focus on comprehensive student support, the University Prep program provides:

  • Academic advising designed to help you pick your courses and identify short and long-term goals
  • High school-equivalent courses necessary for admission to many UNB programs
  • Initial support services a contact will help you navigate the system and get the information you need
  • Orientation guidance and support to make you feel more comfortable and confident at UNB

Who can attend?

The University Prep program is available to adult learners or interested graduates of high school, adult high school, or GED who need resources, course upgrading, advising, and learner support for entry into UNB degree programs.

Adult learners may also benefit from a prior learning assessment. To find out how, contact an academic advisor today.


NOTE: Students wishing to prepare for Calculus at the university level may be interested in Math 0863.

Withdrawals and refunds

  • Withdrawal within the first week - refund of full course fee paid less $50 administration fee
  • Withdrawal after completion of the first week - no refund

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Contact: Lorna Campbell