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Military support

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We have partnered with the Canadian Defence Academy to ensure that Canadian Forces members, dependents, and Department of National Defence civilian personnel have access to the support and services needed to explore continuing education opportunities.

Our staff are here to:

  • Help you get started
  • Provide guidance and general advising about UNB certificate and degree programs, courses, and professional development options
  • Coordinate a Prior Learning Assessment of your military training and non-formal learning

We recognize that ongoing services and support are important factors in your decision to continue your education, and we are here for you.

Get credit for your time in the military & past experience

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Military training

You may be eligible to get credit for past military training, work experience, or other prior learning.

To get your military training assessed for possible credit that could be applied to your UNB program, the following is required:

  • A current MPRR
  • Course reports for language training, if applicable.
  • Transcripts from RMC for Officer Professional Military Education courses.
  • UNB application and fee for PLA (contact us at for details)

If you request prior learning credit for training that has not been previously assessed by UNB, you will need to provide detailed information on the course and its content, as well as a learning summary specifying how this additional training fits within your program or aligns with courses at UNB.

Explore UNB's previously assessed credits for military training

Prior learning

Aside from your military training, non-formal learning can also be assessed for credits that could be put toward your UNB program. This is done through a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).

To get an assessment of prior learning, an appropriate Faculty assessment committee will need to have the following:

  • A detailed account of your prior knowledge/skills
  • An explanation of how your learning relates to the desired outcomes of the program/course(s) for which prior learning credit is being sought
  • Evidence of your prior learning as demonstrated by:
    • A detailed learning summary that targets a particular subject area
    • A portfolio of learning
    • An interview with a designated faculty member; or
    • A challenge exam
  • Supporting documentation, such as:
    • Certificates, course reports, transcripts, course content
    • Samples of work
    • Letters of attestation, performance reviews, etc.

It is up to you to provide detailed documentation that demonstrates your learning as it relates to the course or program under review.

To learn more, or start your prior learning assessment, please reach out to us at

Frequently asked questions

As soon as you are certain that you cannot continue with your studies, please withdraw from your course. If you are registered in an open-entry online course, please submit a course withdrawal form. If you are registered in a term-based online course or attending classes on campus, you should use the WebAdvisor registration system to drop the course.

If your withdrawal occurs after the last date in the term for a withdrawal with no academic penalty, it is suggested that you contact your faculty concerning the circumstances, and include a letter from your CO. Full regulations with respect to dropping courses can be found in Section B of the Undergraduate Calendar, Part IV. D.

It is up to you to notify and to discuss the circumstances surrounding a late assignment with the instructor, in advance of the due date. The instructor can determine whether or not to accept it. Some instructors will include their policy on late assignments in their course syllabus, which you will receive within the first two weeks of the course.

You may apply for a deferred exam to be written after the exam period at a different site. Alternatively, you may wish to write the exam at the scheduled time, but at a different site. In both cases, please contact the Registrar's office. Your application should include a letter from your CO stating the circumstances.

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