About the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science is one of the university’s oldest faculties and was established when UNB was founded in 1785.

UNBF Science is the largest and most comprehensive Science Faculty in New Brunswick. Our broadly-based research capacity of international caliber continues to strengthen with the addition of Canada Research Chairs and funding commitments for multidisciplinary research programs.

We enjoy solid links with our community, government and private sector laboratories, and national/international institutions. We commit ourselves to maintaining the high caliber of teaching and research, to be approachable and relevant, and to retain the broad-based foundation that permits interdisciplinary collaboration.

Message from the Dean of Science, Dr. David MaGee

Welcome to UNB Science!

Science is a vast and challenging field with many opportunities for a rewarding career. We inhabit a complex world and the sciences may baffle you as you plan your path of study. At UNB Science, the possibilities are endless. But, There is one constant within our faculty that will serve you well. Our faculty members and upper year students will work closely with you to ensure that you have all the tools required for success and to reach your career goals.

Dean Dave MaGee

Our world is continuously changing and much of it, at an ever-increasing rate. There have been many advances and discoveries in the past 25-years; most significantly, the Internet. For better or for worse, access to instant communication has changed our society. It's changed how we access information and how we learn. As Scientists, we use shared information to pursue challenges and questions we haven't yet answered; questions about global warming, renewable energy, social and ethical issues surround advancement and the sustainability of our planet. There is so much yet to be discovered and understand. Your degree will not only give you the intellectual foundations needed to understand the world we live in now, but also, where we want to go as a society.

My advice to you, find your passion. Find out what makes you tick and pursue it. I urge you to take advantage of the wealth of experience and knowledge residing amongst our faculty members. Ultimately, your education is your responsibility. No one can read, reflect and question for you. The onus is on you. Do it well and you will enjoy the full benefits of a university education.