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Dean's message

Pjila’si – Welcome;

I am Gary Saunders, a marine biologist and the dean of science. 

Science is such a vast and expanding field that it can at times defy definition. We will work with you to guide you through your formative years as a young scientist to prepare you to succeed in a wide variety of professions and careers, to excite your interest in the broader scientific issues of today and tomorrow, and expand your understanding of our universe at all levels.

We can accomplish all of this because UNB's Faculty of Science brings a unique combination of strengths together to enhance your educational experience at both the undergraduate and graduate student levels.

UNB is ranked among the best comprehensive universities in Canada with the Faculty of Science being one of our oldest – dating to our founding in 1785 – and largest faculties.

We have five departments which offer honours, majors and minors options:

We have over twenty-five degree possibilities in the Faculty of Science, including joint and concurrent degree options in arts and science and computer science and science.

Proud of our exceptional faculty, staff, and students, your time at UNB will be remembered as some of the best years of your life.

When you join us, you will benefit from everything that a comprehensive university has to offer. Among comprehensive universities UNB offers some of the smallest class sizes, providing better student to faculty ratios, which will enhance your learning experience.

In the Faculty of Science at UNB, our undergraduate laboratory offerings remain real rather than virtual providing you with first-hand experiential learning, which will further advance your undergraduate journey. However, comprehensive universities are more than centers of teaching, we are centers of scientific research. Faculty at UNB include some of the best and brightest researchers in Canada. Not only will faculty of a high calibre teach you in the classrooms and in your undergraduate laboratories, but they will also, if you work hard, welcome you into their research labs to contribute first-hand to the pursuit of knowledge.

These quality experiential learning opportunities set comprehensive universities apart from the primarily undergraduate institutions, while our smaller size ensures better one on one attention than offered at the big schools. In short, comprehensive universities offer the best of both worlds, and at UNB we consider ourselves among the best comprehensive universities in Canada.

Gary Saunders (Photo credit: Ryan Miller -

Pursuing your studies in Science at UNB will unlock a new world of adventure and exploration to challenge your curiosity, prepare you to be successful in the career path of your choice. We aspire to make a real difference in your life, in how you view your own universe, and to prepare you to make a real difference for the benefit of our planet.

Once you start your studies at UNB my advice is to follow your passion. It may lead you down a path that you had not thought to travel. Discover how you learn best – we have many services at UNB to help you with this important task. Grow new friendships – they will enrich your life and help you to become a better person.

Challenge your personal limitations – many are self-imposed, you will be surprised at what you can accomplish if you believe that you can. Remember that we are here to help you, but ultimately your degree is your responsibility. Only you can earn the degree and more importantly only you can take advantage of the wealth of experience and knowledge available. At the same time do not lose sight of how special this time is in your life. It’s a time to learn, but not just in the classroom.

There are extracurricular, athletic and social activities to enrich your UNB experience. It’s a time to explore ideas that are completely different from what you have known – with an open mind you may come to question perspectives that you currently believe to be truths. Mostly make time to take advantage of every opportunity.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing you in the Faculty of Science.