Welcome to UNB Earth Sciences

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UNB Earth Sciences offers comprehensive undergraduate and graduate degrees with traditional strengths in all the major branches of earth sciences:

Field geology Igneous and metamorphic processes
Economic geology Sedimentary geology and petroleum geoscience
Exploration geophysics Isotope geochemistry
Structure and tectonics

Planetary sciences

Hydrogeochemistry and biogeochemistry

Micropaleontology and oceanography

For undergraduates
UNB Field School

Bachelor's of Earth Sciences (BSc ESCI),
Bachelor's of Environmental Geochemistry (BSc ENVGC)
Bachelor's of Geological Engineering (BGE)

  • Focus on field techniques and field learning
  • BSc degree tailored to assure professional registration across Canada
  • High Faculty/student ratio and personalized education experience
  • New Quartermain Earth Science Centre resources
  • Numerous student awards through endowed scholarship funds
  • Dedication to undergraduate research through 4th year honours projects
  • Access to state of the art instrumentation to support earth science research
  • Strong connections with natural resource industries and government surveys
  • Active and well-organized undergraduate student associate (Bailey Society)
  • Summer field and lab assistant jobs starting at the end of 2nd year
  • Typically 100% job placement upon graduation
Fieldwork in the San Juan Mountains
For graduates (MSc & PhD)
  • Research-active faculty and highest UNB internal research ranking
  • Active and well organized graduate student society (GAGS)
  • Financial support through teaching & research assistantships
  • Strong links with provincial (NB-DNR) and federal (GSC) geological surveys
  • Electronic access to key research publications through UNB Libraries
  • Access to a comprehensive in-house analytical instrumentation

Students wanting to learn more about UNB Earth Sciences should contact Dr. Joseph White for graduate degree information or Dr. Karl Butler for undergraduate program information.