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Experiential education

We offer field schools and field training throughout our 4-year degree programs. 

First year (ESCI1703)

This one-week session happens in the first week of May or before classes begin in the fall and covers:

  • introduction to field observations
  • traversing
  • sampling and mapping

Second year (ESCI2703)

This two-week session is offered at the end of the winter term, after exams, and is carried out in Fredericton and surrounding areas (Saint Andrews, NB, Joggins, NS and Sackville, NB). The field school provides:

  • supervised training in fieldwork
  • principles of stratigraphy and geological mapping
  • preparation of stratigraphic sections, geological map and cross-sections

Prerequisites: ESCI 2131, ESCI 2211, ESCI 2321

Third year (ESCI3703)

This two-week session is offered in late August and early September in the north shore area of New Brunswick, between Petit-Rocher and Bathurst and is to be taken as part of the final year.

It provides:

  • principles of structural geology and geological mapping
  • supervised training in fieldwork
  • preparation of an independent structural map
  • report of a selected area

Prerequisites: ESCI 2703, ESCI 3322 and either ESCI 3131 or permission of instructor

Third year environmental field school (ESCI3713)

Apply geological, geochemical, geophysical and hydrological methods to an environmental site investigation. This class typically includes a week of fieldwork. This is followed by a week of:

  • analysis of data
  • preparation of a comprehensive written report
  • summarizing the field investigation
  • synthesizing results
  • drawing conclusions
  • making recommendation

A cost will be associated with this course. 

Prerequisites: ESCI 2703, ESCI 3442, ESCI 3631 

Endowed field trips 

Hale Trip 

This trip is for UNB senior undergraduate Earth Sciences and Geological Engineering students and happens every other year.

The 2018 trip to Greece was attended by 10 students and 2 professors, who worked their way by vans from Thessaloniki to Athens! Discover #hale2018