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UNB Fredericton

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Graduate programs

We offer a master's and a PhD in Earth Sciences. We usually have between 20 to 30 students enrolled at the graduate level, which means close one-on-one interaction between students and their supervisor.

Our current departmental research areas include:

  • applied glacial geology
  • applied geophysics and rock physics
  • aqueous geochemistry
  • hydrogeology
  • environmental geology
  • paleoceanography and paleoecology
  • igneous and experimental petrology
  • mineral deposits geology
  • impact geology including shock-induced phase transformations
  • palaeontology including neontology and ichnology
  • planetary geology
  • sedimentology and structural geology

Graduate students work with specific professors, who provide funding for the research project from sources like grants and research contracts. The faculty needs to know the interests of prospective students in order to make acceptance decisions. Therefore, prospective students must write a short (100-200 words) statement of their research interests before an application package is completed. 

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