Scholarships and awards

UNB undergraduate and graduate awards and scholarships are automatically applied as a credit to the student's account.

  • The value of the scholarship is equally split for both the Fall and Winter term of the applicable academic year. Students with a credit on their account after tuition and fees have been paid in full, can request a refund, or the funds can remain on the account to be applied against the balance for future terms. **Note that scholarships are awarded and maintained based on fulltime registration requirements, and for this reason, refunds cannot be issued until after the add/drop date for the term the award has been issued.
  • Graduate students receiving Graduate Academic Assistantship (GAA) or Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) receive these funds on a bi-weekly basis via the payroll system. Students can arrange to have their tuition and fees deducted bi-weekly from this funding by completing the fee deduction authorization form and submitting to Financial Services.
  • Graduate students who do not wish to have tuition and fees deducted from their GAA and/or GRA funding, must have their fees paid in full for the term before the Assistantship(s) can be processed and the student subsequently paid.

For more information on the various awards and scholarships available to students, see UNB Scholarships.