International payments

CIBC International Student Pay

International payments are not instant!

Payments can take up to 10 business days to be posted to your UNB Student account. Payments must be posted to your student account by the fee deadline date to avoid being charged the late payment fee.

International Students can pay their tuition and fees in their local currency, using a secure online portal through CIBC International Student Pay.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Enhanced Student Experience: Easily make payments in your preferred currency.
  • Access to Live Foreign Exchange Rates: With CIBC International Student Pay you’ll have access to the competitive foreign exchange rates CIBC is providing to UNB.
  • End-to-End Communication: You will receive detailed instructions and a reference code to deliver to your local bank within 72 hours (excluding weekends). Your bank simply follows the instructions and sends the funds to UNB.

There are no transaction charges from CIBC or from UNB. For more information on the program see CIBC International Student Pay.

  • Students are required to log in using their UNB student ID number and password
  • Select the country you are paying from, and how much you want to transfer to UNB
  • Review the quote, and see up front what the exchange amount will be
  • Complete the required information, and make the payment by wire through your bank

Note for international students

We do not accept International pre-loaded MasterCards or Visas. These may act as a debit card in your home country, however they act as a credit card elsewhere.

If you do not have another means of paying, you can take your International pre-paid/pre-loaded MasterCard/Visa to a bank machine (ATM) and get a cash advance, to pay your fees in cash.

We do accept International pre-loaded MasterCards or Visas solely for the following:

  • Room deposit
  • Application fee
  • Confirmation fee