Late payment fee

Tuition payment due dates:
Sept. 13, 2021 - Fall Term
Jan. 14, 2022 - Winter Term 

The late payment fee of $75.00 applies to each term that a student's tuition and fees are not paid in full by the fee deadline date

All payments must be posted to your student account by the end of the business day on the applicable term due date listed above. Any payment not made in person at the Financial Services counter has a processing delay, be sure to make your payments in advance to avoid being charged the late payment fee.  

*Online payments made on the fee deadline date are late, and will be charged the late payment fee.

You will not be charged the late payment fee, if any of the following payment method actions listed below have occurred on or before the fee deadline date:  

Student loan processed
UNB has processed your student loan (you received an email to your UNB email), but the loan payment hasn't been posted.  
  • Student Loan pays balance in full
  • Student Loan pays a portion of balance, and the student has paid remaining balance or has an approved payment plan
Payment plans
  • You have been approved for a payment plan/extension 
Sponsored students
UNB has processed your sponsorship document, but the payment from your Sponsor hasn't been posted
  • Sponsorship pays balance in full
  • Sponsorship pays a portion of the balance, and the student has paid remaining balance or has an approved payment plan