Online or telephone banking

Online payments are a convenient way to pay your fees (or have someone else pay your fees), but there are a few important things you need to consider when paying this way:

  • Online payments are not instant
  • Payment must be made 3 - 5 business days prior to the posted fee deadline date to ensure your payment is received on time to avoid being charged a late payment fee
  • Your online banking will show the payment immediately, however, the actual transfer of funds from your personal bank account to your UNB Student account takes a few days
Online payment
  • UNB is unable to accept E-mail Money Transfers (EMT), and if an EMT payment is sent, it will be rejected
  • Online bank payments are made using the "Bill Payment" section of your personal online banking - instructions are below

How to pay:

  • Log into your own online banking
  • Go to the "Bill Payment" section of your banking
  • Search and add University of New Brunswick as a payee to your payment profile
    • Be creative in your search, as we are listed differently with banks. Try "University of New Brunswick", "UNB", or "The Univ of New Brunswick"
  • Use your UNB Student ID # as the account number