Sponsored students

Students whose tuition and fees are being funded by a Sponsoring Organization are responsible to ensure that UNB receives their completed Sponsor Direct Billing Authorization Form.

  • If the form is not submitted to UNB Financial Services before the fee deadline date, the student will not be officially recognized as a sponsored student, which may result in interest charges, late payment fee and the suspension of IT services.
  • If the Sponsoring Organization does not cover all tuition and fees, or has a maximum amount of coverage, the student is responsible to pay the balance in full, or establish an approved payment plan prior to the fee deadline date. Students will not receive a bill for any charges which are their responsibility to pay. Students are responsible to monitor their UNB e-Services Student Financial Statement regularly to ensure their account is in good standing.
  • The forms must be completed each year, and submitted to UNB Financial Services prior to the fee deadline date.

Completed forms or questions can be submitted to:

Sponsored Billing Administrator
University of New Brunswick
8 Bailey Drive, Room 001, I.U.C. Physics and Admin. Building
P.O. Box 4400 | Fredericton | NB | E3B 5A3
T 506 453 4625 | F 506 452 6021 | E studentsponsorship@unb.ca