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Climate change

Includes examining the impacts of changing climate such as drought, wind, and regeneration regimes on tree species; forest sector outputs, the economy and communities; tree, forest, wildlife, and community adaptation; carbon sequestration.


  • Tom Beckley (Prof)
    • Expertise: Social problems and issues in forest dependent communities; Public participation in resource management and policy; Sociology of energy, energy literacy, and climate change
  • Charles Bourque (Prof)
    • Expertise: Hydrological processes in landscapes; Vegetation and land interaction with the atmosphere; Biospheric fluxes in deserts, shrub land, and forests
  • Louise Comeau (HRA)
    • Expertise:  Mitigation and adaptation policy; Environmental education and communications; Sociology of energy, energy literacy and climate change
  • Allen Curry (Prof)
    • Expertise: Ecology of fish in rivers, lakes, estuaries, and coral reefs; Aquatic habitats, landscape modeling; Thermal infrared and topobathymetry technologies
  • Graham Forbes (Prof)
    • Expertise: Wildlife ecology and management;  Biodiversity, and Conservation planning
  • Meng Gong (Prof)
    • Expertise: Wood Mechanics, Engineered Wood Products; 3D Printing Technology, Tiny Wood Houses; Wood Quality and Modification and Climate change impacts on buildings
  • John Kershaw (Prof)
    • Expertise: Forest Mensuration, Sample Design and Analysis; Large-Scale Forest Inventory, Long-term Forest Monitoring; Forest Dynamics following Partial Harvesting; Forest History,  Climate change impacts and adaptation of forests
  • Van Lantz (Prof)
    • Expertise: Cost-benefit analysis of environmental and natural resource policies; Economic impacts of climate change and adaptation in forests, agriculture, urban flooding, sea-level rise
  • Tommi Linnansaari (Prof)
    • Expertise: Atlantic salmon ecology, Biotelemetry; Stream and river ecology, Ecological effects of hydropower; Environmental flows, Climate change impacts on salmon
  • Fan-rui Meng (Prof)
    • Expertise: Application of Drones in Forestry and Environmental Protection; Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation; Carbon Cycling and Carbon Accounting for Forest System
  • Wendy Monk (Visiting Research Prof)
    • Expertise: Spatial and temporal integration of hydrology, aquatic ecology and geospatial analyses within freshwater ecosystems; Climate change impacts on aquatic wildlife
  • Loic D’Orangeville (Prof)
    • Expertise: Forest vulnerability and adaptaion to climate change; Phenology of wood formation; Biotic and abiotic drivers of drought sensitivity
  • Om Rajora (Prof)
    • Expertise: Local Adaptation and Evolutionary and Adaptive Genetic Potential of Marginal Populations under Climate Change; Genetic Impacts of Forest Management Practices, Fragmentation, Natural Disturbances, Climate Change and Air Pollution