John Kershaw

Professor of Forest Mensuration


Forestry and Environmental Management

Forestry/Geology FG 200 B

1 506 453 4933

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Academic interests

  • Forest Mensuration
  • Sample Design and Analysis
  • Large-Scale Forest Inventory
  • Long-term Forest Monitoring
  • Forest Growth and Yield
  • Copulas
  • LiDAR
  • Close-Range Digital Photogrammetry
  • Big Data
  • Forest Dynamics following Partial Harvesting
  • Forest History

Brief biography

John joined the faculty in 1991. Prior to moving to New Brunswick, he worked in forestry in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Washington State. John’s speciality is forest mensuration, forest inventory design and analysis, and growth and yield modeling. John has pioneered the application of copulas, a special class of multivariate distributions, in forest inventory, LiDAR analysis, and growth modeling. He currently has research projects in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Ontario, Maine, North Carolina, Michigan, Poland, Malaysia, and Taiwan. He is the lead author on the 5th Edition of Forest Mensuration (Wiley-Blackwell, 2017), the most widely used mensuration book in North America.

John is currently the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at UNB, but continues to have an active and growing research lab. John teaches Advanced Mensuration and Research Methods, and is an advisor for the Forestry Senior Management Practicum. When he is not being a forester or associate dean, he is an avid hiker, canoeist, and mountain climber.

Courses taught

  • Management Practicum
  • Research Methods
  • Advanced Forest Mensuration

Selected research

Kershaw, J.A., Jr. 2016. Introducing new “Just Data” Section in Mathematical and Computational Forestry & Natural-Resource Sciences. Mathematical and Computational Forestry and Natural Resources Sciences. 8:39.

Salmon, L., Kershaw, J.A. Jr., Taylor, A., Krasowski, M., and Lavigne, M. 2016. Exploring Factors Influencing Species Natural Regeneration Response Following Harvesting in the Acadian Forests of New Brunswick. Open Journal of Forestry. 6:199-215.

Omari, K., MacLean, D.A., Lavigne, M.B., Kershaw, J.A. Jr., Adams G.W. 2016. Effect of local stand structure on leaf area, growth, and growth efficiency following thinning of white spruce. Forest Ecology and Management. 368:55-62.

Hayashi, R., Kershaw, J.A. Jr., and Weiskittel, A.R. 2015. Evaluation of alternative methods for using LiDAR to predict aboveground biomass in mixed species and structurally complex forests in northeastern North America. Mathematical and Computational Forestry and Natural Resources Sciences. 7:49-65.