Forestry and Environmental Management | UNB
Paul Arp Professor, Forest Soils I.U.C. Forestry 311
Dylan Aubin Financial Clerk I.U.C. Forestry 101
Tom Beckley Professor, Enviro./Natural Res. Social Science Forestry/Geology 212
Janet Blackadar Instructor in Environmental Management Forestry/Geology 200-A
Charles Bourque Professor I.U.C. Forestry 308
Faith Bradley-Sharpe Programs Assistant I.U.C. Forestry 101
Allen Curry Professor of Biology Bailey Hall 139
Ed Czerwinski Technical Team Lead, Contract Instructor Urban Forestry I.U.C. Forestry 101
Loïc D’Orangeville Associate Professor, Tree biology and silvics Forestry/Geology 310
Thom Erdle Professor of Forest Management Forestry/Geology 301C
Graham Forbes Professor, Biodiversity and Wildlife Forestry/Geology 219A
Jasen Golding Senior Teaching Associate, Forest Lands Manager Forestry/Geology 302A
Meng Gong Associate Professor Forestry/Geology 307
Michelle Gray Associate Professor, Acting Dean I.U.C. Forestry 106
John Kershaw Professor of Forest Mensuration Forestry/Geology FG 200 B
Van Lantz Professor of Forest Economics I.U.C. Forestry 101
Brigitte Leblon Professor (On leave until 2023) I.U.C. Forestry 210
Tommi Linnansaari Associate Professor I.U.C. Forestry 106-1
David MacLean Emeritus Professor of Forest Ecology Forestry/Geology 210C
Seth Matthews Computer Technician I.U.C. Forestry 009
Greg McCarthy Chief Technologist Hugh John Flemming Forestry Centre
Gillian McLean Student Services and Outreach Coordinator Forestry/Geology 301A
Fan-Rui Meng Professor, Hydrology and Watershed Mgt. I.U.C. Forestry 203
Laurie Nason Admin. Officer, Assistant to the Dean I.U.C. Forestry 101
Joe Nocera Associate Professor, Wildlife Management I.U.C. Forestry 209
Jae Ogilvie Senior Instructor, Assistant Dean I.U.C. Forestry 309
Om Rajora Professor, Forest Genetics and Genomics I.U.C. Forestry 211
Anthony Taylor Associate Professor of Forest Management Forestry/Geology 210