Charles Bourque



Forestry and Environmental Management

I.U.C. Forestry 308

1 506 453 4930

Academic interests

  • Hydrological processes in landscapes
  • Vegetation and land interaction with the atmosphere
  • Biospheric fluxes in deserts, shrub land, and forests

Brief biography

Dr. Charles Bourque began his academic career at Dalhousie University where he received a BSc in Mathematics and Theoretical Ecology. He also obtained a BSc in Synoptic Meteorology from the University of Alberta. He then attended UNB for his MSc in Forestry, focusing on forest interaction with the atmosphere.. He later went on to complete his PhD at UNB focusing his studies on air pollution and forest interaction.

Before joining UNB as a member of the faculty in 1994, Charles worked at a Toronto based environmental consulting firm, Concord Scientific. He then went to the Nova Scotia Agricultural College as an assistant professor. When a position came up in this faculty, Charles seized the opportunity to return to New Brunswick and UNB. He is also currently an adjunct professor at the Beijing Forestry University in China, where he travels to teach a few months each year. When time permits, Charles enjoys winter sports like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Courses taught

  • Introduction to Hydro-Meteorological Systems
  • Climate Change
  • Practicum in Water, Wildlife, and Forest Management
  • Graduate Seminar

Selected research

Bourque, C.P.-A., and Pomeroy, J.H. 2001. Pre- and post-harvest, inter-watershed comparison of late spring to early fall stream temperatures from the Hayward Brook Watershed Area of Southeast New Brunswick, Canada. Hydrology and Earth Systems Science, 5(4): 599-613.

Bourque, C.P.-A., Cox, R.M., Allen, D.J., Arp, P.A., and Meng, F.-R. 2005. Spatial extent of winter thaw events in eastern North America: Historical weather records in relation to yellow birch decline. Global Change Biology, 11(9): 1477-1492.

Matin, M.A., and Bourque, C.P.-A. 2013. Intra- and inter-annual variations in snow-water storage in a data sparse desert-mountain region of Northwest China. Remote Sensing of Environment, 139: 18-34.

Matin, M.A., and Bourque, C.P.-A. 2015. Relating seasonal dynamics of enhanced vegetation index to the recycling of water in two endorheic river basins in northwest China. Hydrology and Earth System Science, 19: 3387-3403.