Tommi Linnansaari

Associate Professor


Forestry and Environmental Management

I.U.C. Forestry 106-1

1 506 458 7569

Research interests

  • Atlantic salmon ecology
  • Biotelemetry
  • Stream and river ecology
  • Ecological effects of hydropower
  • Environmental flows


Dr. Linnansaari has a M.Sc. in Fisheries Science from University of Helsinki, Finland, and his Ph.D. in Biology from UNB. He currently holds the Atlantic salmon Research Chair and he is the research coordinator of the Collaboration for Atlantic Salmon Tomorrow (CAST) consortium.

His main research focus is on understanding the mechanisms of Atlantic salmon population dynamics in natural and hydropower regulated rivers, but he also undertakes research on other migratory fishes (American eel, Striped bass), their habitat and interconnected biota. Dr. Linnansaari is also a member of the Atlantic Salmon Research Joint Venture; a large government-led consortium established to facilitate large collaborative projects to conserve Atlantic salmon.

Current research projects

  • Assessment of adult Atlantic salmon populations using multi-beam sonar (CAST ARIS)
  • Understanding the risks and benefits of smolt-to-adult supplementation conservation strategy (CAST-SAS)
  • Sub-population genetic structure of Atlantic salmon in the Miramichi River
  • Atlantic salmon migrations in hydropower-regulated Saint John River
  • Presence and upstream passage of American Eel elvers in hydropower-regulated Saint John River
  • Habitat modelling of freshwater fish guilds for hydropower management scenarios
  • Strategic management of migration barriers for Atlantic salmon in the Restigouche River
  • Understanding critical thermal refugia for juvenile and adult Atlantic salmon

Curriculum vitae