Fan-Rui Meng

Professor, Hydrology and Watershed Mgt.


Forestry and Environmental Management

I.U.C. Forestry 203

1 506 453 4921

Academic interests

  • Hydrology
  • Ecological Modeling
  • Watershed Management
  • Soil Erosion and Conservation
  • Soil Mapping and Site Classification
  • GIS and Landscape Analysis
  • Application of Drones in Forestry and Environmental Protection
  • Forest Growth and Yield Models
  • Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
  • Carbon Cycling and Carbon Accounting for Forest System


Dr. Fan-Rui Meng started his career with a Bachelor and Master Degrees in Forest Engineering from Northeast Forestry University in Harbin, China. He then completed his PhD in forest ecology from UNB. In 1997, Dr. Meng joined the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management as Industrial Research Chair, and served as the Research Director for the Noranda/Avenor Forest Watershed Management and Conservation Research Centre and later on Bowater/Nexfor Forest Watershed Research Centre. Before joining UNB, Fan-Rui worked as an exchange engineer in Forest Engineering Inc. in Oregon USA, and lecturer at Northeast Forestry University. He is also currently an adjunct professor at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou China.

Dr. Meng’s research interests include a variety of subjects related to hydrology and watershed management and conservation. Specific research interests include soil conservation, integrated watershed management, soil mapping and classification, forest growth and yield as affected by climate change. In his spare time, Fan-Rui enjoys reading, swimming and badminton.

Course taught

  • Forest Management Practicum
  • Environmental Management Practicum
  • Forest Hydrology and Aquatic Habitat
  • Urban Watershed and Hydrology

Selected research

Zhang, C., · Li, S., ·Qi, J., Xing, Z. and Meng, F-R. 2017. Assessing impacts of riparian buffer zones on sediment and nutrients loading into streams at watershed scale using an integrated REMM-SWAT model: Assessment of riparian buffer zones. Hydrological Process. 31:916–924.

Qi, J., Li, S., Li, C. and Meng, F-R. 2016. Assessing an Enhanced Version of SWAT on Water Quantity and Quality Simulation in Regions with Seasonal Snow Cover. Water Resources Management. 30:5021–5037.

Qi, J., Li, S., Li, Q., Xing, Z. Bourque, C.P.A, and Meng, F.R. 2016. A New Soil-Temperature Module for SWAT Application in Atlantic Region with Seasonal Snow Cover. Journal of Hydrology. 538:863-877.

Ashraf, M.I. Bourque, C.P.-A. MacLean, D.A. Erdle, T. Meng, F.R. 2015. A novel modelling approach for predicting forest growth and yield under climate change. PLOS One.