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Environmental precision technologies

Includes inventory techniques, geographic information systems, and remote sensing of forests, wildfire, wetlands, watersheds, wet areas, agriculture, coastal and Arctic ecosystems using satellite, LiDAR, orthophotography, and UAV acquisition.


  • John Kershaw
    • Expertise: Forest Mensuration, Sample Design and Analysis; Large-Scale Forest Inventory, Long-term Forest Monitoring; Forest Dynamics following Partial Harvesting; Forest History, Climate change impacts and adaptation of forests
  • Paul Arp
    • Expertise: Forest Soils, Watersheds, and Productivity; Forest Sustainability, Hydrology, Hydro-Topographic Modelling and Mapping; Forest Planning Applications: Trafficability Forecasting, Road and Trail Routing; Digital Soil Mapping.
  • Jae Ogilvie
    • Expertise: LiDAR Based Forest Modeling; Wet Areas Mapping; GIS Analysis
  • Fan-rui Meng
    • Expertise: Application of Drones in Forestry and Environmental Protection; Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation; Carbon Cycling and Carbon Accounting for Forest System
  • Brigitte Leblon
    • Expertise: Development of sensors (GPR, NIR, MR) for the wood industry; UAV for precision agriculture and environmental applications; RADARSAT-2 polarimetric and compact polarimetric imaging applied to environmental applications (forest fire, wetland, permafrost); TanDEM-X interferometric and LiDAR data applied to forest biomass
  • Allen Curry
    • Expertise: Ecology of fish in rivers, lakes, estuaries, and coral reefs; Aquatic habitats, landscape modeling; Thermal infrared and topobathymetry technologies
  • Tommi Linnansaari
    • Expertise: Atlantic salmon ecology, Biotelemetry; Stream and river ecology, Ecological effects of hydropower; Environmental flows, Climate change impacts on salmon
  • Wendy Monk
    • Expertise: Spatial and temporal integration of hydrology, aquatic ecology and geospatial analyses within freshwater ecosystems; Climate change impacts on aquatic wildlife
  • Armand LaRocque (Research Scientist),
  • Douglas (HRA);
  • Skinner (HRA),
  • JF Wang (HRA),
  • Haddadi (HRA),
  • K. Wang (HRA),
  • Steenberg (HRA)