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Environmental social science

The study of the relationship between individuals in their context within society and its application to our understanding of environmental issues. This includes policy development/assessment, governance systems, socio-economic values, stakeholder & rights-holder engagement associated with forests, energy, and agriculture. Our researchers integrate western and Indigenous knowledge in their studies:

  • Tom Beckley
    • Expertise: Social problems and issues in forest dependent communities; Public participation in resource management and policy; Sociology of energy, energy literacy, and climate change
  • Van Lantz
    • Expertise: Cost-benefit analysis of environmental and natural resource policies; Economic impacts of climate change and adaptation in forests, agriculture, urban flooding, sea-level rise
  • Kevin Percy (Adjunct)
    • Expertise: forest health, air pollution/climate change and environmental effects science; Integration of indigenous knowledge
  • Louise Comeau (HRA)
    • Expertise: Mitigation and adaptation policy; Environmental education and communications; Sociology of energy, energy literacy and climate change
  • Stephen Wyatt (HRA)
    • Expertise: Forest Policy; Indigenous Engagement; Public Participation