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New students

We are so happy that you have chosen the Forestry and Environmental Management (ForEM) program, and we look forward to meeting you in September.

Our program

Forestry and environmental management isn’t just about trees, plants, wildlife or landscapes. It’s about people, their beliefs and values. It’s about environments that are beautiful and life-sustaining.

Studying forestry and environmental management is about learning how to manage everything in a sustainable way and finding solutions to complex problems that will last a lifetime.

What you'll learn

Our program studies people, science, philosophy, economics and sustainability. And these skillsets can lead you anywhere as you will see from our course maps below.

Throughout your ForEM degree, you’ll learn:

  • project management;
  • problem solving;
  • conflict resolution; and
  • professional practice

Forestry degree vs. environmental degree

Both of these degrees deal with the environment, but they do differ in their offerings.


The Forestry degree focuses on forested land management, land planning and design.

This program will help you to design and implement management strategies that project into the future forests nd its values, while balancing the competing needs and desires of different stakeholders.

Environment and Natural Resources

This degree program will train you to understand ecosystems, the needs of species that depend on them and how they are affected by human activities.

Equipped with that knowledge, you will be challenged to find ways to reduce our footprint across the landscape, use our natural resources wisely and adapt to a changing environment.

The Environment and Natural Resources degree also allows you to focus on a specific interest or major, including: Water Resources, Wildlife Conservation or People, Policy or Planning.

Required courses

Here’s a look at what your next four years of the ForEM program will look like:

All of your required courses are specific to your field of study and there is also a selection of elective courses that can be chosen with the help of your academic advisor.

Meet your advisor

Jacob Weinstein will be your academic advisor.

What does that mean? It means Jacob will help get you registered in your required courses and help with elective course selection.

Jacob will also help you navigate UNB services when you need them. This could include math help, counselling services, ombudsman, tutors, writing centre, accessibility, health centre, library skills, and more.

Jacob is your go-to person while you are in our faculty. So, if you (or your parents) have any questions and/or concerns, Jacob will be avaiable to help you solve what needs solving!  To reach the advisor email: ForEM Advising

We look forward to meeting each of you in September.


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