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Wildlife Ecology

 Wildlife ecology is the applied ecology and management of wild populations of birds and mammals. This includes the study of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife & biodiversity monitoring and conservation, endangered species management, protected areas planning, ornithology, stream ecology, and fish habitat.


  • Graham Forbes
    • Expertise: Wildlife ecology and management; Biodiversity, and Conservation planning
  • Joe Nocera
    • Expertise: Endangered Species; Forest Wildlife Ecology, and Ornithology
  • Michelle Gray
    • Expertise: Indicators of ecosystem health; Environmental monitoring study design; Long-term monitoring data analysis
  • Tommi Linnansaari
    • Expertise: Atlantic salmon ecology, Biotelemetry; Stream and river ecology, Ecological effects of hydropower; Environmental flows, Climate change impacts on salmon
  • Allen Curry
    • Expertise: Ecology of fish in rivers, lakes, estuaries, and coral reefs; Aquatic habitats, landscape modeling; Thermal infrared and topobathymetry technologies
  • Tony Diamond (Emeritus)
    • Expertise: Avian conservation biology; Birds as indicators of environmental change; Population dynamics and modeling
  • Wendy Monk (Visiting Research Prof)
    • Expertise: Spatial and temporal integration of hydrology, aquatic ecology and geospatial analyses within freshwater ecosystems; Climate change impacts on aquatic wildlife
  • Rick Cunjak (HRP)
    • Expertise: Natural stressors; Ecosystems and Fish habitat (predominantly Atlantic salmon)