Tony (A.W.) Diamond

Research Professor

Department/Faculty: Biology, and Forestry & Environmental Management

Email: diamond[AT]
Phone numbers: 453-5006 or 453-4926

"I tweet not, neither can you book my face!"Dr. Tony Diamond.

I became fascinated by birds around the age of seven.  Early training in bird-banding at several British bird observatories (Skokholm and Portland) fed this addiction, which was cemented by working in 1963 at Skokholm Bird Observatory under Mike Harris (now a world-class seabird guru) and not significantly diminished by studying Zoology at Cambridge, nor by graduate work at Aberdeen on tropical seabirds on Aldabra Atoll in the Indian Ocean.

I went on to a post-doctoral fellowship on West Indian birds with David Lack at the Edward Grey Institute of Ornithology in Oxford, which became home base between work periods in the Seychelles (Cousin Island), Kenya (University of Nairobi), the Cayman Islands, and Trinidad and Tobago. Shortly before completing a popular book on bird conservation ("Save the Birds" - published in nine languages in 14 countries), I emigrated with my family to Canada.  I worked for the Canadian Wildlife Service in Ottawa (first as a researcher, later as Coordinator of the Acid Rain Program) and in Saskatoon (as a research manager, and Adjunct Professor in Biology at the University of Saskatchewan) before moving to UNB in 1994 as Research Professor in Wildlife Ecology.

Special Interests:  family, writing, reading, birding, travel

Publications: approximately 140, starting in 1965. Write Tony Diamond for details.


Skokholm Island

Aldabra Atoll

Nature Seychelles

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