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Wood science & technology

Includes wood anatomy, engineered wood products, appearance wood products, biomass and biofuels , non-timber forest products  


  • Meng Gong
    • Expertise: Wood Mechanics, Engineered Wood Products; 3D Printing Technology, Tiny Wood Houses; Wood Quality and Modification and Climate change impacts on buildings
  • Brigitte Leblon
  • Ian Smith (Professor Emeriti),
  • Chui (Adjunct),
  • Wang (Adjunct),
  • Stewart (Adjunct),
  • Ron Smith (Adjunct),
  • Kaboorani (HRA),
  • Mohammad (HRA),
  • Asiz (HRA),
  • Defo (HRA);
  • Weckendorf (HRA),
  • L. Li (HRA),
  • Huang (Research Scientist),
  • MacMillan (Research Scientist)