Louise Comeau

Research Associate


Forestry and Environmental Management

Forestry/Geology 210A


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Other titles

Director of the Environment and Sustainable Development Research Centre

Research interests

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation policy
  • Environmental education and communications
  • Environmental ethics
  • Pro-environmental behaviours
  • Sociology of energy, energy literacy and climate change (including gender, health effects, and just transition)


Louise is a Research Associate and Director of the Environment and Sustainable Development Research Centre (ESDRC) at the University of New Brunswick. She brings to the ESDRC a wealth of experience working internationally, nationally, provincially and municipally to move the ball forward on climate change.

Louise lives in Keswick Ridge with her partner Tom where they homestead and engage with students through site visits. Louise completed a PhD in Environmental Management at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) in Fredericton in 2014 and her master’s in environmental education and communication at Royal Roads University in 2008. She has served on numerous federal and provincial climate change committees and has been honoured for her work with two Queen’s Jubilee citizenship medals.

Courses taught and current research

  • Climate Change ENVS 2023
  • ENR 4973
  • Carbon pricing frames/narratives and policy
  • Climate Change education, capacity building, awareness and partnership strategy
  • Forest carbon adaptation and offsets
  • Gender differences in knowledge and values toward energy options
  • Health and labour effects of climate change impacts and policy implementation


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