Van Lantz

Professor of Forest Economics


Forestry and Environmental Management

I.U.C. Forestry 101

1 506 458 7775

Academic interests

  • Economic impacts of climate change, forest pests, protected areas
  • Valuation of ecological goods and services
  • Cost-benefit analysis of environmental and natural resource policies

Brief biography

Dr. Van Lantz is currently Dean of the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management at the University of New Brunswick. He received a BA in economics from Carleton University, a MA in natural resource economics from Dalhousie University, and a PhD in environmental economics from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. Van joined the Faculty in 2000.

Van’s research is focused on the estimation of economic impacts and cost-benefit analysis of environmental and natural resource markets and policies. Past projects, publications, and presentations relate to the economics of controlling forest pest outbreaks, establishing protected natural areas, implementing agricultural best management practices, and assessing the impacts of climate change.

Van has recently contributed to a report by the National Roundtable on Environment and Economy on the economic impacts of climate change and adaptation in Canadian forests. He has also published the findings of a Natural Resources Canada-funded project on climate-induced flooding costs along the St. John River in New Brunswick; and published findings of an Agriculture and Agri-food Canada-funded project on the economic impacts of climate change on agricultural crops in northern New Brunswick. Other projects and publications relate to the analysis of factors affecting national and regional carbon dioxide emission trends, and assessing federal/provincial climate change policies.

When Van is not dealing with his administrative duties as Dean, or teaching or researching as part of his academic career, he enjoys playing hockey, squash, and spending time with his family.

Courses taught

  • Forest Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Climate Change Economics

Selected research

Ochuodho, T.O., V.A Lantz, E. Olale (2016). A computable general equilibrium analysis of export tax and quota option choices under the 2006 softwood lumber agreement between Canada and the United States. Forest Science 62(6) 679-689.

Withey, P., V. Lantz, T. Ochuodho (2016). Economic costs and impacts of climate-induced sea-level rise and storm surge in Canadian coastal Provinces: a CGE approach. Applied Economics 48(1): 59-71.

Corbett, L.J., P. Withey, V.A. Lantz, T. O. Ochuodho (2016). The economic impact of the mountain pine beetle infestation in British Columbia: provincial estimates from a CGE analysis. Forestry 89: 100-105.

Wu, Y.Q., Y.H. Weng, C. Hennigar, M.S. Fullarton, V. Lantz (2015). Benefit-cost analysis of a white spruce clonal seed orchard in New Brunswick, Canada. New Forests 46: 141-156.