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NB-IRDT's platform data helps researchers answer questions that impact the health, well-being, and prosperity of New Brunswickers.

StatusCategoryTitlePrincipal Investigator
Active Social Policy, Health Access to comprehensive care for diabetes prevention and control Neeru Gupta
Active Health ALS in New Brunswick Colleen O'Connell
Active Health Choosing wisely: Imaging for lower back pain Ted McDonald
Active Health Climate Change Sensitivity Profiles for 33 New Brunswick Health Council Communities Ted McDonald
Active Health Community profiles in New Brunswick of risk factors for dementia Sandra Magalhaes
Active Health Comprehensive assessment of a peer-led exercise program for older adults in NB Danielle Bouchard
Active Health Cost and benefit of the ACCESS Open Minds NB project Jimmy Bourque
Closed Health Creation of a comprehensive health profile of children in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island and development of intra-provincial population-based birth cohorts Carole Tranchant
Active Health Feasibility of institutional health data for modelling travel demands for health care by rural older adults in New Brunswick Trevor Hanson
Active Health Frailty in community-dwelling older adults and associations with admission to long-term care Sandra Magalhaes
Active Health Health effects of living near major point source emitters in NB Sandra Magalhaes
Active Education and Training Hours of instruction for K-2 students Ted McDonald
Closed Population Dynamics and Immigration Immigrant and refugee arrival and resettlement Ted McDonald
Active Population Dynamics and Immigration Immigrant retention in New Brunswick: Results from BizNet and Citizen Database Ted McDonald
Closed Health Impacts of doctors' experience on surgical outcomes Philip Leonard
Active Health Incidence of non-traumatic spinal cord injury in New Brunswick Ted McDonald
Active Health Long term evaluation of exercise programs for cancer survivors in New Brunswick Danielle Bouchard
Active Health Long-term effects of a housing first intervention on morbidity, mortality, and health care utilization among homeless adults with mental illness Stephen Hwang
Active Health Mental health and substance abuse disorders on the risk of suicide: A population-based study Sandra Magalhaes
Active Health Mental health-related hospitalizations by youth in New Brunswick Scott Ronis
Active Population Dynamics and Immigration Mobility and retention of labour market training program participants Ted McDonald
Active Health NB-CHIP validation and COPD / asthma case-identification pilot study Ted McDonald
Active Health Outcomes in older adults with isolated hip fractures: a descriptive epidemiological study across regional hospitals in New Brunswick Pamela Jarrett
Active Health Participation and retention in the breast cancer screening program in New Brunswick Canada Ted McDonald
Active Health Planning for community resiliency in recovery from COVID-19 in NB Sandra Magalhaes
Active Population Dynamics and Immigration Population dynamics for small areas and rural communities Paul Peters
Active Health Profiling transitions of long-term care clients and alternative level of care patients Ted McDonald
Active Health Projected outcomes of an expanded role for pharmacists in publicly funded immunization services in New Brunswick Chris Folkins
Active Health Real-world evaluation of pertuzumab+trastuzumab compared to trastuzumab and chemotherapy backbone for first-line treatment of patients with HER-2 positive unresectable locally recurrent or metastatic breast cancer Ted McDonald
Closed Health Regionalization of surgical procedures in New Brunswick Ted McDonald
Active Health Research to understand associations between breast screening participation and tumour characteristics at time of diagnosis Dan Crouse
Active Population Dynamics and Immigration Retention and labour market preparation for immigrants in New Brunswick Murshed Chowdhury
Active Education and Training Retention and Mobility of NBCC Graduates Herb Emery
Active Population Dynamics and Immigration Retention of New Brunswick students Ted McDonald
Active Population Dynamics and Immigration Retention of scholarship winning graduate students at NB universities: do they stay and work in NB after they graduate? Laura Richard
Active Population Dynamics and Immigration Rural public facility closure and its impact on migration Ted McDonald
Active Health Sample validation for emerging zoonotic infections in New Brunswick Duncan Webster
Closed Health Small area rate variation of hospitalisation in New Brunswick Paul Peters
Active Health Small area rate variation of hospitalization in New Brunswick Daniel Dutton
Closed Health The cost per case of cancer in New Brunswick Ted McDonald
Active Health The evaluation of interventions implemented in primary health care for persons with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders Sarah Pakzad
Active Health The impact of rural hospital closures on access to hospital services and health outcomes in New Brunswick Dan Crouse
Active Health The impact of socioeconomic and geographic factors on long-term outcomes after cardiac catheterization Ansar Hassan
Active Health The role of environmental air pollution in Multiple Sclerosis risk and hospitalization: A study using administrative data from New Brunswick Sandra Magalhaes
Active Health Trauma-related mortality rates for New Brunswick James French
Active Health Trends in the primary care management and health service use of the dementia population in New Brunswick Pamela Jarrett