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NB-CHIP validation and COPD / asthma case-identification pilot study

Category(s): Health
Status: Closed
Principal: Ted McDonald
Project Number: P0040
Year Approved: 2019

Project Description

Depending on the source, estimates of the number of individuals in the province suffering with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can vary widely as different methods are used to reach these estimates. In an effort to better understand the extent of COPD in the province, NB-IRDT, Regional Health Authorities Horizon and Vitalité, and the Government of New Brunswick’s Department of Health collaborated to develop the New Brunswick COPD Health Information Platform (NB-CHIP) which contains spirometry lab data from around the province. Analysis of these data allows researchers to develop an understanding of spirometry testing and undertake comparisons of the numbers reported in NB-CHIP against the self-reported and administrative data records. This study also considers accessibility and equity in treatment among patients with COPD in New Brunswick.

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