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Training and continuing education

We believe data-informed decision making is the way of the future. It is our goal to invest in the future of New Brunswick by helping boost the knowledge and skill sets of the present and upcoming generation of researchers and decision makers – through training in research, data, and workplace readiness.

We offer various levels of training opportunities for professionals and students in our areas of expertise, including research, program evaluation, data privacy, and more. Our training vision is to increase research capacity and evidence-based decision making using New Brunswick administrative data.

NB-IRDT training vision

Using our data to understand the world

Fostering partnerships between NB-IRDT, government and community

Breaking down silos between academia, government, and community through training partnerships that promote investment in the present and future workplace of New Brunswick


Enhanced curriculum to support workplace readiness

Empowering students for successful transitions to meaningful careers through experiential learning initiatives and training in data literacy and professionalism.

Focused training to enhance and/or upgrade credentials

Providing training and tools for students and professionals to advance towards their educational and career goals through structured workshops and recognized certification.

Research expertise to support continuous learning

Enabling professionals to advance their understanding of research-related practices through introductory lectures and more advanced workshops, with a focus on utilizing the resources NB-IRDT offers.

Easily digestible packages of training for professionals

Improving internal and external opportunities thorough program evaluation and measured tracking of all project outcomes.

Interested to see what happened at NB-IRDT Training in 2021? You can find out in our annual training report.


Training highlights

Below are some exciting highlights from 2021 and 2022 but for more up to date information about Training initiatives, upcoming opportunities, and student research highlights, take a look at the NB-IRDT blog, filtered for Training highlights and consider subscribing to the NB-IRDT Newsletter.

Pathways to Professions

Experience GNB | Following the success of past Pathways to Professions, the Government of New Brunswick reached out to expand P2P offerings to their own experiential learning opportunities for students as part of their Future GNB program.

Funding and media coverage

VitalSignsNB 2021 | NB-IRDT received a New Brunswick Priority Occupation Student Support grant from the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF) to employ six Pathways to Professions students in the pilot VitalSignsNB research stream. The 2021 VitalSignsNB team, under the leadership of Dr. Chris Folkins, investigated how the subsidization of physician-administered vaccines could help free up resources within the health care system. The result? A potential annual indirect cost savings of approximately $1.5 million!

The students' findings were showcased at the UNB Health Research Conference and the Atlantic Health Exploration and Discovery Collaborative Health Research Conference, they were presented to the NB Pharmacists' Association in the form of a report, and they were broadcast through local and national newspaper articles, as well as multiple TV and radio interviews. Congratulations, VitalSignsNB team, on a job well done!