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NB-IRDT is expanding research potential through pseudonymised, linkable data sets. Our repository includes a growing collection to meet diverse research needs. 

We only host pseudonymous data in the NB-IRDT repository.

What is pseudonymous data?

It’s data that has had direct identifiers removed or scrambled. We do not hold direct identifiers (names, Medicare numbers and addresses) in our data repository.

NB-IRDT also offers public use data sets, which consist of de-identified data that is publicly accessible. All our data can be accessed in the NB-IRDT lab spaces.

Our data is also linkable which expands research possibilities. As a research data centre, NB-IRDT plays an important role in helping researchers link multiple administrative data sets. This includes linking two or more NB-IRDT data sets as well as linking NB-IRDT data with external data sets accessible to, or held by, the applicant.